Why so many Millennials are becoming Full Time RVers

So much has been said about Millennials and it’s not always good. If you were born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, you’re in the group.

There’s a lot of reasons to hit the road, but us Millennials are flocking to the freedom of the RV Life at record rates. Dealerships are trying to tap into this fast growing demographic and many realize it’s the future of RVing. But why? Here’s a few of the reasons:

Technology Allows It

18 Working Remotely is becoming widely accepted and popular. Many people utilize technology to stay mobile in some of the most scenic places._tonemapped

Technology allows remote work and with the internet, ANYBODY can start their own business.

When we started full-time RVing almost 4 years ago, we started a Social Media company for RV Dealerships and Campgrounds. It’s exploded and because we’ve been able to add value for our clients that nobody else in the industry can, it’s allowed us to live in 43 states in our RV over the past few years.

Cell phone and WiFi coverage is everywhere. For many RVers who work on the road, they can work anywhere that they have cell phone service.

We utilize Sprint, Verizon and AT&T to make sure we are fully covered when we travel. We’ve been blown away that at least 95% of the time we’ve been able to get signal. I even had full bars of LTE in the bottom of Bryce Canyon!

For times where it’s not a strong signal, we have a booster which boosts every device inside the RV. We’ve gone from 0 bars to 3 bars of LTE with the booster!

We Want a Different “American Dream”

America is the best country in the world. We are incredibly free to live and let live. To go after and build the life we want.

Traditionally, when a lot of people talk about the “American Dream”, they’re referring to the idea of working for the same company for decades, buying a house and raising a family.

Redwood Highway (23)Millennials often have a different American Dream. Working for the same company for a long time is rare, entrepreneurship is finally cool, buying a house straps you down, and traveling is a way to enrich your life exponentially.

To be able work remote for yourself or for a company while traveling with your family in this beautiful country is for many, the New American Dream.

We Have Energy and Health

We’ve watched the older generations work themselves to death and push off travel until they retire. Often when this happens they don’t have the energy, health or motivation to travel once they get older and retire.

Where will you go (2)

Another thing to consider is most people in their golden years are not physically able to do some of the great adventures like hike angels landing in Zion National Park. This is the type of thing EVERYONE should experience in their life! It expands your mind and grows you closer to nature. It’s a powerful experience.

We ran into a very inspiring couple who ended up having a major health issue. He decided rather than doing what most people do and let the health issues slow down their life, that his wife would get certified to treat him on the road and they would see the sites before life passes them by!


The Small House Movement is Cool

A lot of hipsters are ditching a big mortgage payment and choosing to live efficiently in small houses that are designed to maximize the space.

We think this is a great design and a cool small space living area. Like if you agree

Another side to this is that an RV is a small house that bounces down the road to anywhere you want to go! That’s attractive and cool to be able to see this country. To be able to go wherever you want to go. To wake up to a view of the mountains one week, then the ocean, then a river, then a lake, then a field, then a city, etc…

It’s Affordable

RVs are being made as affordable options to live in. At one point in Southern California I was paying almost $2,000 a month for an apartment! Our 5th wheel Payment is 1/3 of that!

Fox Lake (153)

Traditional Travel is expensive and to merge vacation costs into your every day living expenses can save A LOT of money. I couldn’t even imagine how much it would have cost us to travel to 43 states on “vacation” but with our RV, it was just our every day expenses.

Geysers at Yellowstone

The joy and enrichment we’ve had from full-time RVing over the years has been priceless! I would encourage anyone who’s considering taking the leap to forge ahead and follow their dreams! See you on the trails…

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head about millennials and the choice to embrace the rv lifestyle. The RVing community has been re-energized and, as a 70 year old, I am delighted to welcome them into the rving conversation

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