The Tools We Use To Run Our Company Remotely

Have you ever wondered how a company can be run completely from the road in an RV? We started, built and manage our company from our RV and wanted to share a bit of insight for aspiring digital entrepreneurs to hopefully give some practical tools that could help you with your business.

We run one of the largest social media companies in the RV industry. In fact, our entire team are RVers, and almost all are full-timers, which gives our clients a huge competitive advantage. The best part is that with today’s technology, we can all enjoy working from the freedom of the open road. 


We use good ole Gmail for our business email. They have the capability of customizing it for you (example:


We use WordPress for our website. That’s mainly because I have no idea how to build websites, and when I started the company 4 years ago, I needed something that someone not very technically inclined could easily build and manage.



This is the software our team uses to communicate with each other. It’s where all our projects, tasks and strategy go down. Without it, we would be lost.



Most photo editing I do is through Photoshop. I don’t have time to get into any high-level stuff, and recently I’ve outsourced 75% of my photo editing to save time.



Canva is FREE and gives you the tools to look like a Photoshop pro without spending the time learning high-level techniques. It’s a game-changer for someone who wants to quickly create professional-looking social media graphics.


Premiere Elements:

This is what I use to do my video editing when I create content and commercials for our clients.


I started the company by cold-calling RV Dealerships and tracking all conversations and activities on an Excel spreadsheet. It was incredibly inefficient, so we moved to the Zoho CRM. What a game-changer it’s been to be able to do email blasts and track every conversation in detail and with ease.



I mentioned that I now outsource my photo editing: I hired someone from Fiverr. We actually use Fiverr quite often for random projects that we need help with for our clients. Fiverr


This software allows us to post/manage on multiple social accounts. It also gives us a birds-eye view to make sure everything for our clients is good to go!


Facebook Groups:

We’ve brought on most of our team members from posting on the RV Entrepreneur Facebook Group. That’s been a key part in hiring sharp digital nomads that want to grow in a remote role. It’s also a great group to be a part of for anyone interested in working while RVing.

RV Entrepreneur

Google Drive:

We have a variety of other forms on Google Drive, like spreadsheets.

I’m sure there are some that we’re forgetting to add, but this is the quick list of the tools we use to grow and manage our business from an RV. If you have any tools you’d like to share that’ve helped your business, please include them in the comments.

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  1. I don’t have anything to add. I wish I did! I want to thank you for laying out your resources. My hubby and I are about a year away from going full-time RVing. He’s a trader but I blog about chronic illness and hope to blog about RVing successfully with an illness. So I am researching things I need to do to support my site. This was very helpful! ~Kim

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