Natchez Trace RV Resort – Hohenwald TN

The Campground

The Natchez Trace RV Resort is located in Hohenwald TN. You’ve probably never heard of this town cause it’s in the middle of nowhere and is very rural. It’s also LOADED with history and offers remote beauty for prime outdoor activities.

We were able to enjoy a variety of weather while we were here to see what the place was like in the warmth and even got to experience some frigid temps and beautiful snow covered forests. 

Hohenwald (20)

Be careful with the route you take on your way here. One of the campers hit this bridge in their new 5th wheel and it crushed it like a tin can. It’s one of the big dangers for RVers and we make sure we use the Co-Pilot RV App which makes sure that with our dimensions we won’t be hitting anything as we travel down the road.

Now owned by Thousand Trails, this use to be a KOA. If you’re not familiar with the Thousand Trails, we’ve been members since we started RVing and if you’re a full-time RVer, it’s a fantastic way to save money and camp at resorts all across the country.

The sites were nice and they had a lot of options. Many of them were directly on the water and had their own docks! Waterfront Property at its finest.

The Cell Phone signal was a little weak. It posed a bit of a challenge for us to get service to work but we were able to get enough signal with our Weboost cell phone Booster.

Getting Packages while RVing

Hohenwald (79)

We found out the Campground takes packages! Actually, most campgrounds do accept packages but not mail. One of our clients, Kent International is one of the largest bike MFC’s. One of their products is the WeeRide, we were HUGE fans of the WeeRide before we started working with them and while we were here they sent us a bunch of bikes and bike products.

Which is wonderful but was quite the surprise when we saw all the packages cause they mentioned they were going to send us “some” products to create content around lol.

We picked up this little kid playpen and it’s been AMAZING! Have you ever had some stuff you want to do outside of the RV for like 30 min but you don’t have an easy solution for the little one? This has worked wonders for us.

Hohenwald (58)

It’s always nice to be able to relax and have a campfire. Luckily this time I didn’t have to worry about the challenge of lighting a fire with wet wood. I used the HomeRight Electric Firestarter.

Hohenwald (62)

Exploring The Area

Danielle typically wants to make sure we are within 30 min from big box stores and although the surrounding towns are small there were 2 Walmarts roughly 30 min from us.

Davey Crockett is a hero here.

Hohenwald (82)

The man of the outdoors has a big presence in this old historic town. Even some of the local stores are named after him. One of the great things about this is many of the hiking, biking trails in the area are filled with history and gives you a chance to walk in the footprints of historic events.

Laurel Hill Wilderness Area is a lake that offers good fishing and scenic seclusion. They rent out boats and also have a public landing to launch your watercraft.

Hohenwald (44)

Hohenwald (67)

The local food was fantastic! As I write this I’m in Vegas and just paid $4.80 for a  coffee. Some of the restaurants out in the country would offer you a feast for $5, seriously…

Scenic Drives are plentiful in these parts. We enjoyed many country drives with no specific plan.

In fact, there were multiple days where we just decided to drive and get lost on the back roads and once we were good and lost, we jumped on the GPS and made our way home.

Hohenwald (47)

There are a number of picnic areas that you’ll find as you’re taking the Natchez Trace Parkway. Make sure you allow time to get out and hike around.

Hohenwald (41)

Head to the river to find hiking trails.

Hohenwald (24)

I didn’t do my usual research before coming to the area but quickly realized this is quality Tennessee hiking right here!

Hohenwald (9)

The Old Natchez Trace Road is a neat old road that gives you plenty of photo and hiking opportunities. We highly recommend taking this historical road.

Hohenwald (36)

The Amish

We didn’t know that this held one of the largest Amish communities in the country when we came here, which was a big surprise to see horses and buggies constantly driving on the roads. Hohenwald (68)

Hohenwald (1)

It really was incredible. They even had horse and buggy parking at the local Walmart! We ended up eating some Amish meals and even visiting some of their homes to pick up different things they make.

It’s a unique experience, you’re supposed to just drive down their driveway to the house and they hear you coming and come outside to see if you want to buy anything. Very cool!

Hohenwald (89)

Visiting Nashville

Nashville TN (16)

Nashville ended up being a good day trip for us to head out early and spend the entire day enjoying the city.

If you haven’t been to Nashville, obviously the music is the big draw. What we enjoy is since we have kids instead of bar hopping, we appetizer hope at different restaurants listening to live music.

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