Escondido RV Resort Review

The Escondido RV Resort (owned by Sunland RV Resorts), is located just north of San Diego near the beautiful Southern California Beaches. It’s a place filled with people enjoying the perfect weather of the Greater San Diego area.

It’s more than just an area with incredible beaches; you’ll also find excellent shopping, food and entertainment like Legoland and Sea World.

RVing with Dogs

Escondido (12)

One challenge dog owners face when they go on vacation is finding a solution for their dogs. Many hotels and timeshares in popular vacation destinations don’t allow dogs. If you don’t have a friend or family member who can watch them you might be stuck paying high boarding fees. These are all common.

RVing offers a chance to bring your four-legged friends with on your vacation. Most RV Parks and RV Resorts we’ve stayed at have dog parks. This one had a lot of different pieces of equipment for their dog campers to enjoy.

Having dogs has been an incredible time saver since we have toddlers. When food gets dropped on the RV Deck, they snatch it up and clean it up before we could even have a chance to clean it up. On the Deck

RV Surf Trip

There are so many great beaches in this area to go surfing at. I really enjoyed visiting Oceanside beach which has a nice pier, great waves and is an all-around great beach scene.


The location is a great surf destination as you’re able to visit a variety of beaches within a short distance. It’s also a great spot if you’re doing a surf trip up or down the west coast. 5

If you want are new to surfing there are multiple outfitters that have everything you need, including lessons.

A Little RV Luxury

I (Eric) love to camp in the middle of nowhere. I love the seclusion and serenity to be in nature.

Danielle loves to be near big box stores. She shops at malls all across the country. When we’re in an area as built up as Southern California, there are many options to get some luxury services, such as Grocery Delivery!

With the Escondido Vons, you can just order from your phone what food you want, they bring it directly to your fridge!

Campground Landscaping

2We appreciate good landscaping at RV Resorts and Campgrounds. Probably because it reminds us that we don’t ever have to worry about lawn care and putting in countless hours of yard work. This Resort has a nice flower garden to walk through at the top of the hill and all throughout the campground.

Our campsite had a gorgeous view of the valley along with beautiful landscaping.

Picking Strawberries

U Pick fruit farms are a fun way to get out and enjoy some time in nature and collect some fresh food. In Southern California Kenny’s Strawberry Farm is a large and beautiful location to catch THE BEST STRAWBERRIES EVER!

Overall Thoughts

This is a nice RV Resort. It’s very busy and in a crowded metro area, but there’s A LOT to do. The Resort itself has a number of amenities to enjoy and is very visually appealing. We would recommend staying here for a nice relaxing place to stay in Southern California.

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