Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe on an RV Vacation

Do you ever wonder if someone is ever going to run up in your home, take your stuff and use your toilet while you’re camping?

You’re not alone. A lot of campers have the fear of having the time of their life on an RV Vacation and getting the dreaded call that their home was broken into and ransacked. That would spoil the mood real quick…

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My company does the social media for a home security company in Texas, so over the years, I’ve learned some ways to help keep your home safe while you travel in an RV.

Live Streaming to Your Phone

doorbell-app-videoThis is the biggest tool you have to have piece of mind. Technology now makes it easy and inexpensive to have live streaming directly to your smart phone.

In fact, now it’s common to have video doorbells. When someone approaches your front door, it alerts your smartphone and you can watch the live video. Better than that, you can interact and speak to them!

Live in a Community

The #1 deterrent for would be burglars is heading into an area where it has a community feel. When there are nosey neighbors or neighborhood watch programs, they WILL stop crime. It’s well documented that criminals won’t even drive through an area if they catch that vibe from the neighborhood.

The Presence of a Dog

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One of the top deterrents to burglars when they’re casing an area is signs of a large dog. Nobody wants to have to deal with a German Shepherd protecting their home.

Interestingly during the act of the crime it’s not the size of the guard dog that deters most burglars; it’s the bark that could alert neighbors. So that small yippy dog that everybody can’t stand, actually works well for home protection…

Stop Mail Delivery

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It’s an obvious sign that you’re not home (or lazy) if you’re mail is piling up.

Criminals will notice if you have newspapers in your driveway that haven’t been picked up for a few days.

The same goes for packages that are dropped off by UPS or Fedex.

The next step may be to verify if you’re gone by checking in your mailbox to see if things are stacking up there. Which immediately offers an opportunity for them to go through your mail and possibly pull some identify fraud on you.

Make sure your mail isn’t going to be stacking up for the burglar to notice that you haven’t been there to get your mail.

Talk to Your Neighbor

princeton (67)First off you should get to know your neighbors. It’s a powerful defense against crime.

If your trash cans are still on the side of the road on Saturday and garbage pickup is Tuesday, odds are good you’re not home.

These are simple things that a friendly neighbor most likely will be happy to help with (though you may need to bribe them with food or pick something up for them on your RV trip).

Lights on a Timer

summer in de (13)It’s assumed that if your lights turn on in the evening, that you’re home.

If you put your lights are on a timer, you can have them come on at peak times when people are normally at home in the evenings, so if a burglar is casing the neighborhood, they will keep driving past your home while you’re on your camping trip.

Locks on the Windowsmd spring 2018 (52)

Make sure you check your windows. Many older homes have windows that don’t have very secure windows and you may need to add or replace your window locks to ensure they’re secure.

Secure Sliding Doors

Rear sliding doors are easy for a professional criminal to get passed. A simple dowel will provide much needed security to your sliding doors. Also make sure the blinds have full coverage so you don’ have someone peeping in to see if you’re home.

Delay Your Social Media

Many times burglars will be people you know. As tough as it is to force yourself to not post in real time, it’s a great idea to avoid telling the world that you’re home is wide open to be searched through for the goods. Wait till you get home. It will be more fun to go through your pics again after the trip anyway.

Cut the Grass

p town (44)This might be one of the best tasks to delegate during your absence. You may even decide to continue the service and save yourself time, hassle and convenience in the future.

Having a lawn service, some neighbor kid or someone you know will make sure it’s looking fresh and active while you’re away on an RV vacation.

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Do you have any tips that you would add to share with other RVers? Share in the comments.

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  1. All great suggestions. Also, some police departments will do a free inspection to help you identify ways to discourage break-ins.

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