RV Vacation to the Florida Keys

Our Campsite in the Florida Keys

The campsites here are full hookup, big enough for large rigs, and most of them have views of the water. While there are palm trees scattered around the campground it’s pretty much a flat field of hookups for people to come and enjoy a piece of paradise.

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They have other options if you don’t have an RV and if your friends have an RV and you don’t, you could rent one of these villas or they also have travel trailers that are pre-setup so you can just pull up and head right into your temporary RV. It definitely helps to build the excitement when you’re driving around to find your campsite that you see people kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, etc…

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We really enjoyed our campsite and with the wonderful Florida Keys weather I really loved being able to sit outside with my morning coffee and watch the sun come up. Although this only happened a few times because I couldn’t resist sitting there when I could toss a line out and catch some fish.

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Once you’re all setup at your site make sure you head out on a walk to check out the RV Resort. Keep your eye out for sharks, manatee, lobster, crabs, dolphin and more as you walk around the waters edge!

Renting a Boat in the Keys

Out of all the things you could do in the Florida Keys, renting a boat is at the top of the list. There are a lot of places to rent boats and we chose one just up the street from he RV Resort.

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I was the captain of the boat and luckily they come with a nice GPS and will go over routes to take. Be warned that there are many dangers in the keys so don’t go rogue and just think you can drive anywhere. The last thing you want to do is wreck a rental boat and have to get saved…

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While we had our boat we actually brought it to the RV Resort Marina and parked at the dock to get some lunch at the restaurant. Here’s what the RV Resort looks like from the water in a boat.

Keys (32)

We had worked up an appetite from all the swimming we did in random spots. Seriously how can you not stop and swim when you’re cruising through warm shallow water this beautiful.

Keys (43)

Of course we did the same thing in deeper water where we all jumped off the boat countless times and swam around this beautiful warm water.

Keys (188)Keys (174)Keys (190)

Snorkeling in Fiesta Key

We all took turns snorkeling at the RV Resort. There are a few places that are excellent and one of them was steps away from our RV.

Keys (208)

But the best by far is at the RV Resort Restaurant!


No, you don’t understand!!! You can head to the restaurant which has good, inexpensive food, order your meal and then head out into the water to snorkel while they cook it!

Keys (50)

Not only can you snorkel, but it’s an AMAZING SPOT to see marine life in the keys. We saw countless fish, manatee, sharks, and dolphin right at the restaurant! It’s going to be tough to beat that type of experience.

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It’s also a  relatively safe spot to let the kids swim around with you. I say relatively because Danielle got stung by a jelly fish on the butt haha!

Keys (48)

If you’re not much of a swimmer you can always sit back, relax and watch others enjoy the warm crystal clear water while you eat your food.

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The Egg Family takes a Family Vacation

Our very good friends Bill & Leighanna Richards flew out to Miami, rented a car and came out to join us for their family vacation in the RV so they could stare out at these beautiful islands everyday!Keys (161)

We were able to accommodate them because our 5th wheel is 44ft and we just had Ella & Ava sleep in our room for the week while they took the Toy Hauler room as their studio apartment (rent free) for the week. Another thing that helped is when you’re in the keys, you’re not spending much time inside, virtually all of our time was spent outside doing fun activities. It was a blast and we’re all talking about doing it again next spring!

Working While Vacationing

I have a very good friend who is a young and extremely success entrepreneur who once told me “The more I work on vacation, the more vacations I get to take.” That was incredible advice and before you think that he is working all the time and not enjoying his vacations, it’s not the case. He takes A LOT of incredible vacations and he and his wife enjoy their time fully. At the same time they get things done!

Keys (114)

I have joined the 5am club, meaning I get up on most days at 5am and get to it. While in the keys I enjoyed going outside with my laptop and working while the sun came up. I had another very successful entrepreneur and mentor explain to me many years ago that if you take someone who works 8 hours a day 5 days a week vs someone who works 12 6 days a week, you end up getting 32 extra hours of productive work in the week. That compounds and you end up for the year getting 1,664 extra hours in. That’s roughly 40 EXTRA 40 hour workweeks in a year. Who do you think is going to be more successful?

Keys (272)

Now of course life isn’t all about money, but most people aren’t willing to put in the time to be successful. If you are in your 20’s and reading this, GET AFTER IT! GRIND! GROW YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE! WORK HARD AND STAY FOCUSED! READ BOOKS! Because once you have a family and kids, they will take priority.

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BE WARNED, it was very challenging for me to discipline myself to work while staying here. Especially when I was working outside and watched my neighbor reeling in fish after fish at sunrise…

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Manatee at the RV Resort

It’s really incredible how the water color changes as the sun, tide, wind, etc changes. Most of the days we were here it was really clear. Some days it was jaw dropping how crystal clear it was.

Keys (81)

If you see a slow moving lump of lard in the water, it’s a manatee! These creatures are so beautiful and gentle. Seeing them in person is a bucket list experience. We saw them many times at the RV Resort just cruising along in the Marina, at the restaurant and just cruising the shores of the Resort. Unfortunately every single one we saw had scars from boat propellers.

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Fishing at the RV Resort

I did a lot of fishing while I was here. There is a bass pro shop near by where you can pick up a license and gear. The marina at the resort also has everything you need for gear to reel them in.

Keys (108)

I grew up fishing in Minnesota and in college I bought a boat and fished A LOT! But I’ve never fished in the ocean so I was totally a fish out of water and didn’t know what to expect. After googling how to go about it and watching some youtube videos about how to fish the keys I went to the Marina and bought a rod and reel. I already had a couple but again I had no idea what to expect and since they were ultra light rods and I wanted to catch a shark, I needed something bigger.

Keys (5)

So I bought some frozen shrimp at the marina, set my hook and tossed my line out just steps from our 5th wheel. Within a minute I had a fish on the line!!! I couldn’t believe it, what a rush!!

Keys (234)

I had a website pulled up on my phone to help me identify what I was catching because I had no idea!

Keys (294)

What I’m about to type is not a fishing story, it’s absolutely true. Every single day that I went out fishing from shore at the resort, I was reeling them in NON-STOP! It was incredible and I was having the time of my life. Maybe I’m a wimp but I was a little scared to grab the fish to take them off the line. Some of these ocean fish had some nasty teeth that I didn’t want flopping around my fingers lol… Make sure you have a hook remover or needle nose pliers.

Keys (86)

Whatever this type of fish is, it fought HARD! I was impressed because most of the fish I caught gave up a good fight and made for some great sport. One evening when the girls went to bed I ran out and tossed a line out just as it was getting dark. I hooked a MONSTER and after minutes of this thing fighting me it leaped 4 feet out of the water. IT WAS A TARPON!!! It was so big and powerful that shortly after it jumped out of the water it went on another run and snapped my line. What a thrill!

Keys (296)

I got my friend Bill to join me and sure enough he quickly had one on the line!

Keys (248)

Shark Fishing in a Boat

While we were here we would often see sharks swimming around the resort’s shoreline. I’ve always wanted to catch a shark and it’s a total bucket list experience. I met someone who became my friend and he was also an avid fisherman. He had been catching sharks and also knew others who were catching sharks at the RV Resort so I was hopeful.

Keys (72)

I found out that my friend got bit by a shark! Never a good situation BUT luckily there is footage of it all going down so anytime he tells someone about his scar he can show them the footage and blog their mind. He straight up wrestled a shark with his bare hands!

Well they also ended up buying a boat while they were down there which is awesome and took me out shark fishing one day! We bought some chum at the marina and headed out to the big open ocean.

What an absolute thrill! It didn’t take long before they started biting and I got to check this wonderful  experience off my bucket list.

Keys (117)

Sharks are really neat predators and fun to catch. They put up a good fight and anytime you’re reeling in a shark, it’s gonna be a good time.

Keys (118)

Waterfront Restaurant at the RV Resort

Restaurants don’t get much better than this… The food was good and inexpensive BUT THE VIEWS WERE AMAZING!

Keys (214)

When you’re at a tropical destination you want it to feel as such. This place is totally authentic in its tropical island vibe. We ate here most days and decided other than a few instances that there was zero reason to ever go anywhere else to eat.

Keys (250)

While you’re eating here you’ll see boats, paddleboarders, kayaks, sharks, dolphin, manatee and more!

Keys (241)

In my opinion the best part was that we could order our food and then head out and go swimming or snorkeling while we waited for it to be cooked. Keys (276)

Marina at the Campground

I really enjoyed walking to the marina because the odds were very high that I’d be able to spot something unique.

Keys (197)

One time I was a little freaked out to walk up on this beast. Turns out it was an iguana! Someone at the RV Resort told me a story of a few days earlier when he was snorkeling and all of a sudden he felt something large swim up on his back and use him as a floating platform. He freaked out cause he didn’t know that they are friendly and was able to laugh about it a few days later haha.

Keys (240)

Many campers brought their boats with them and parked them at the docks.Keys (242)

Walking Around the Campground

Just taking a walk around the campground here was a fun activity for us. It’s also super healthy to get the kids out (and yourself) and burn off some energy.

Keys (78)

I don’t know what Danielle would do if we had a smaller RV because for a long time we were traveling with 5 strollers… Yep you read that correctly. Apparently we needed different ones for all different situations. I have won the battle because we’re down to 3…

Keys (336)

For Ava it’s really easy to strap her up and head on out.

Keys (316)

Danielle enjoyed going running in the evenings when the temps would cool off.

Keys (267)

On the western part of the Campground people often gather to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous sunsets.

Keys (268)

And we were often part of the gathering…

Keys (271)

The RV Resort Pool

The pool here is absolutely gorgeous! I mean on another level. At anytime you can stand at the side of the pool and look out to the marina and watch boats pull in with the fish they caught, look in another direction and see people snorkeling, or watch people eating at the waterfront restaurant while they enjoy Manatee swimming by their table…

Keys (68)

Whenever I wanted to go swimming it’s an easy choice to choose the clear ocean waters here. When we have the kids we usually took them to the pool which they preferred and it was way easier to keep them safe. No jelly fish, no rocks, no sharks, just a good time in the warm water.

Keys (339)

Oh and they have a 2 ft deep section for young kids to splash around where depending on their age and skill level you can be a little more lenient on watching them.

Keys (180)

We are big believers in swimming lessons at a young age for kids. Ella has gotten extremely comfortable in the water and it’s hilarious to watch her draw a crowd of Grandpas and Grandmas who are snowbirds and miss their Grandkids in the winter time.

Keys (285)

Day Trip to Key West

Key West is the most southern part of Florida and a big tourist attraction. Most of the keys are VERY laid back island type atmospheres and although Key West also fits that description, it’s a small city and with all the tourists it can get a little busy.

Keys (307)

There are countless adventures and outfitters that will line you up with any type of ocean adventure that you’re looking to experience.

Keys (87)

It’s also a great spot to relax and have a drink or some incredible food at a waterfront restaurant. I couldn’t understand when we went here why people were choosing to eat at places a couple blocks inland when there were so many awesome options on the water, can someone enlighten me?

Keys (304)

Shoot, you don’t even have to be at a restaurant to toss a couple back… Just take this tiki boat bar and cruise around the harbor.

Keys (73)

Feeding the Tarpon at Robbie’s

It’s one thing to eat at a beautiful waterfront restaurant surrounded by local shops that you can take your time and peruse…

It’s on an entire different level when you add the fact that you can walk out on the dock with a bucket of fish and let these MASSIVE and ancient Tarpon aggressively take the fish right out of your hand! This was ABSOLUTELY amazing and in my opinion one of the coolest experiences in the keys, an absolute MUST!Keys (367)

Bahia Honda State Park

This is a popular spot for RVers coming down to the keys. It has waterfront sites, a broken bridge that you can walk on, a marina for your boat, and a gorgeous swimming area.

Keys (59)

After spending the day here and having a good time, we realized there was zero point to leave Fiesta Key to find a better spot… It doesn’t get better than where we were already at and although this had a beautiful sandy beach, I’ll take the rocky shoreline of Fiesta Key over this any day.

Keys (65)

The Campground Playground

Every RV Parent loves a good playground. This one is centrally located in the middle of the RV Resort. It’s a great place to let the kids burn off energy BEFORE you head to the restaurant so they’ll sit and enjoy their food while you relax at the waterfront restaurant.

Leaving RV Paradise

If you thought peeling yourself out of bed at 5am to get to work on your business or on yourself was hard, try peeling yourself out of paradise knowing you’re going to drive across the country with a baby and a 2 year old…

Keys (319)

At least we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset the evening before our journey to the great Northern part of this country! We will be back Florida Keys, be ready because we already are…Keys (215)

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