The 11 Best Things to do on the Water while Camping!

For many people, RVing involves enjoying time at the lake, river or ocean. This puts you in a great position to get out boating. Some RVers pull their boats behind a Class A or Class C RV. Many RV Parks offer boat, canoe, kayak or even jet ski rentals at very low rates as they aim to please their guests. Here are some of the different flavors of activities for you to enjoy on the water this camping season.

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There is something special about cruising around the lake that resets you. One of our favorite things is to do is to cruise close to shore in the calm water. We like to look at all the houses and setups that people have on the shoreline. When we were RVing at Lake Texoma, TX we went out on a Charter boat from NNL Charters. A charter service is great for cruising because they will cater to you and you can sit back and relax (I asked to drive the boat haha)

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My dad use to race canoes so naturally my two brothers and I grew up canoeing in Minnesota. It’s one of my favorite things to do on the water. We’ve been canoeing a few times since we became full timers in Minnesota and recently on the Peace River in Florida with a fellow RVer from Germany. Danielle drove Karl and I with the Canoe to a state park 9 miles up the river, dropped us off and we headed down. The Thousand Trails RV Resort has sites right on the water and when we ended at the boat launch I could see the RV from the canoe. We saw saw a lot of alligators, turtles and fish jumping out of the water.

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Similar to canoeing, we love hitting the water via kayak. We’ve noticed a lot of RVers bringing their Kayaks with them when they travel. They are ideal because of their lightweight and easy access into the water. The Thousand Trails RV Resort in Orlando lets you take out Kayaks for free! The Traveling Pomeranian went Kayaking in Minnesota a few times with my brother Mike.

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Enjoying the Sunset

There’s not much needed to be said about this….what a relaxing experience.

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There are a variety of types of tubing. The most common is pulling behind the boat trying to knock the person (usually a kid) off the tube. However another thing we’ve done is to take a large slow scenic party tube that can fit up to 8 cruising behind the boat.


Socializing with other Boaters

We had the joy of camping at Lake Havasu during spring break. Wow, what a good time…. One of the things we loved is putting boats together, jumping on board other boats and making new friends. We even went back into different coves and enjoyed watching some of our fellow boaters jump off cliffs into the water.

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Jet Skiing

Zipping around the lake is so fun. It reminds me of snowmobiling but on the water.

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Sailing seems to have a very tight community. It’s a great workout but also can be relaxing based on your objectives and conditions.



Catching “The Big One” is always exciting. My dad always use to say “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of working.” The great thing with fishing is there are so many variations of it and you can cater to how you want your experience to be. It’s a great family activity, but also great in solitude. It can be energetic and aggressive casting and moving often, or you can sit back with a cold one and a bobber and let your worries fade away…

 A Bad Day of Fishing is better than a Good Day of Working

DSC_0560 copyFishing is such a popular activity among RVers. This was taken while on an RV Trip to Texas.DSC_0263

Island Hopping

Who doesn’t like to head out on the water and island hop? We sometimes change the Freedom of the Road to the Freedom of the Water.

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Wildlife Viewing

There are so many opportunities in this beautiful country to see wildlife up close and personal. With boating, you can not only see marine wildlife but also get to “hard to get” places via boat to view land wildlife.


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