What is RV Glamping at a Resort?

Recently I had the pleasure of creating content for the Prevost Prouds rally in Myrtle Beach, SC. If you’re not familiar, Prevosts are the Lamborghini of RVs. They come with roughly a price tag of around a million dollars and of course some are much higher than that. They are luxury to the extreme. In fact one of the RVs was pulling a Lambo behind it as their daily driver vehicle… DSC03268

As an Entrepreneur I’m always curious to pick the brains of others and especially when they’re extremely successful. Almost everyone at the rally was an ex business owner or CEO so I was doing a lot of brain picking… But one person I had a fantastic conversation with who owned a massive company told me that after he sold his company he and his wife wanted to travel and enjoy the finer things in life, but had no idea Resorts like the one we were at existed and they were excited for this new chapter in their lives because these resorts and the experience they provide are Glamping at its finest…

After doing A LOT of Glamping over the past 5+ years of full time RVing, we wanted to unpack what RV Resorts offer for Glampers for those who might not be familiar with the options that are available.

Glamping is Glamorous Camping. It’s roughing it without the rough. It’s being out in nature with every comfort of home, it’s having a tub to soak in or taking a 45 min shower, it’s watching netflix and chilling in your recliner with a cold drink and a hot meal, it’s having amenities at your fingertips that most people don’t have in their daily lives.

Boat Docking

NMB Round 25

Boating and Camping go hand in hand. Many Glamping Resorts will offer docking for their guests so they can head out for a boat cruise or go fishing whenever they want. We’ve even see some with dry docking where you just need to let them know when you want to take your boat out and they’ll pull it out and have it stocked with whatever you want to enjoy a day out on the water.

Fox Lake (78)

Pet Friendly

Photo May 10, 5 41 47 PM

One of the major benefits of RVing is that you can bring your pets. Many people find out the hard way when they retire that most of the popular vacation destination hotels don’t allow pets which creates tough or expensive decisions around their furry family members. Glamping Resorts not only allow pets, they usually have beautiful areas for them to run around and play.

On Site Waterpark


Many of the bigger RV Resorts have waterparks on site. That means you don’t have to pack your stuff for the day, drive over and spend the costly entrance fee to go to a nearby waterpark. All you have to do when you’re Glamping at a place like this is walk out in your bathing suit, slap on some sunscreen and head to the heated pool!

You Don’t Have to Take Out Your Garbage

When you are glamorous camping you don’t have to bother with taking out the trash. All you have to do is set the bag at the end of your campsite and the campground will come around and collect it for you. You actually don’t have to do any yard work, how cool is that?

Restaurants at the Resort


When you are Glamping, most RV resorts are designed with on site restaurants. That means that you don’t have to worry about making food in fact you can walk out of your RV sit somewhere scenic and order a cold beverage and an amazing burger. That saves you time of making and cleaning for meals so you can spend more time in nature.

Wide Spacious Sites

West Glacier KOA (59)

Most Glamping campgrounds will provide extremely wide sites that are not only large but they’re easy to pull in and out of if you have a large camper. And of course it goes without saying but we’re going to say it anyways you’ll have full hook ups.

Wi-Fi That Works


Most campgrounds that advertise that they have Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi is so poor that it either Doesn’t work or the minute that somebody start streaming you won’t get signal. But our Glamping resort is going to have strong Wi-Fi for you.

Live Music


Love to listen to the radio? Well when your Glamping you don’t have to be limited to the radio, pandora, spotify, etc because because many Glamping campgrounds will bring in awesome live music to make your ears dance. We’ve seen some that will have music a few times a week at a fire to gather around and even karaoke.


Others will have a list of nearby venues and who/when the band will be playing.

Dewey Beach (10)

Community Events

Photo Apr 20, 2 15 20 PMWhen there are events going on like holidays or things going on locally a Glamping campground will offer their own version of events directly at the campground. You don’t have to leave, in fact at easter the bunny will come to the campground for your kids. At Christmas the campground will have Santa come to the campground for your kids. You’ll also find music events, potlucks and more.

Dance Lessons


Love dancing but you’re not very good at it? Maybe your significant other wants you to get down and boogey but you’re just not confident enough to hit the floor. Some Glamping Resorts will bring in dance experts to teach lessons to their campers.



Let’s say you want to take out a boat, jetski, kayak, golf cart or a paddleboard but you don’t have one. That’s where a glamping campground comes into play. Because they’ve got everything you need to just show up slap on a life jacket and go for a ride.

IMG_3409 copy

In fact many RV Resorts that rent boats will lend out kayaks and canoes for free for their guests.

Fox Lake (27)

We’ve even seen it where a local exotic sports car rental business will drop them off at the RV Resort so you can take them out for a spin and head on back when you’re done flying down the windy roads.

Pio (1)

Laundry Facilities

Who wants to go to the laundromat? Nobody…

That’s why when you’re Glamping if you either have a washer/dryer inside of the RV or the Resort will have on site facilities for you.

Bauers (9)

Places to Catch Fish

It’s a great thing to be able to walk out of your RV, toss out a line and catch a fish without much effort. Some Resorts have stocked fishing ponds where your odds are significantly higher of reeling one in. You also don’t need a fishing license to catch fish on a stocked private pond.

Docks are other great spots to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while you wait for the fish to bite. Both are very convenient.

Bemidji (112)

Another fishing opportunity is to be taken out by a fishing guide from the RV Resort. Many resorts will have guides pre-selected so you don’t have to go through the vetting process to find the good ones.

Destin n Panama City (23)

The best fishing experience is to walk out from the RV and toss a line out in nature. To make things even better many Glamping Resorts will have bait and tackle in the marina or retail store.

Siesta Key (66)

Campfire Pits

Bemidji (119)

Glamping wouldn’t be complete without having a nice campfire. Fire rings at your campsite and offering wood to burn makes sitting around the fire and cooking up some S’mores an easy thing to do.

Bike Trails

Riding a bike is a fun pastime for Glampers. It’s also an easy thing for RVers to bring their bikes along on their adventures. Many Resorts are now offering bikes for rent and even free to use for their guests.


On site or nearby biking trails are a safe and convenient activity for Glampers to enjoy.

Grocery Delivery

This is greatly determined by the location you’re going Glamping at. If a local grocery store offers grocery delivery, you  never have to go through the hassle of heading to the store! You can order your groceries from your smart phone or laptop and within hours they will be dropping them off inside of your RV for you!

Escondido (4)

Things to do for Kids

Every Glamping parent wants to be able to provide their kids a fun experience that will burn off energy and often help them learn or have new experiences in a safe environment. Playgrounds are the most common way they cater to their guests.

PA (35)_tonemapped

But we’ve seen so many different examples of this like kids craft hour, hay rides, waterparks, movie night, or slides in the water!

Justins Cabin MN (37)

We’ve even seen RV Resorts have kids movies on weekends so the kids can hang out with other kids, watch an age appropriate movie while the parents are just steps away hanging out with other parents.

Photo Apr 20, 8 43 41 PM

Mail Services

My Wife shops WAY TOO MUCH on Amazon. If a campground doesn’t have access to deliveries she is not a happy camper… Secretly I’m a little excited cause it saves me money lol.

Peace River (61)

Not only is this for Glampers but as more and more entrepreneurs and business owners hit the road in an RV, being able to get packages has never been more important.

Transportation at the Resort

SD Area Trip (2)

Sometimes you want to park your RV and not have to worry about driving anywhere, yet you still want to get around. Some campgrounds will have excellent transportation options for you directly from the Resort. The San Diego RV Resort for example has a metro stop at their Resort so you can walk out from your RV and take the train to explore downtown, the beach, or countless other areas around the big city without having to drive.

Heated Pools

Lake Texoma (36)

Who wants to go into a cold pool. Not me.

That’s why when we go Glamping you put your body into a nice warm and often salt water pool. In fact if you’ve got kids in you go Glamping many times you’re going to get water slides or they might have a kiddie pool that shallow that allows you to relax while you watch them.

Conroe TX (25)

Another plus is they will usually have nice lounging areas around the pool and even poolside restaurants.

Retail Store to Get Supplies


If you don’t have everything you need, most Glamping resorts will have a retail store for you to buy stuff. Maybe you forgot some flip-flops, maybe it’s a hot day and you want a slushy, maybe you want to buy some merch, or maybe it’s the morning and you ran out of coffee. That’s where the retail store is going to come into play for you.

Gyms at the RV Resort

SD Area Trip (77)

You gotta keep your body healthy and fit. Sure you can make it work by working out in your RV or out in nature but it’s a BIG benefit to having a nice gym at the Resort while you’re Glamping. In fact many of them will have beautiful views and even free weights!

Are you a Glamper? If so what did we miss, add it in the comments below!

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  1. And how much is this a night? I wish I could afford that kind of camping. A large part of this kind of camping is forced on small parks that can’t afford to offer these high end amenities and keep costs down for the average camper. I’ve listened to high end campers complain about spending $35 a night at an average park that they don’t get any perks with there stay. They don’t buy anything in the little camp store either. Pushing the mom and pop campgrounds out.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do the marketing for a lot of campgrounds across the country. From some of the biggest down to many small Mom and Pop campgrounds. It’s foolish for both parties to compete against each other. It’s a different target market to focus on someone who is willing to spend $100/night and wants it loaded with amenities compared to someone who wants a Mom and Pop campground experience. Both have their pros and cons but in no way are high end (expensive) campgrounds pushing out Mom and Pop campgrounds unless the latter are not marketing correctly. They have a different customer base and need to position themselves accordingly…

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