A Sticky Situation at Gordon’s Pond

Gordon’s Pond in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is a scenic area that offers a freshwater pond that goes right up to the ocean. It’s right in the path of the yearly bird migrations. There is a very well kept bike path that follows the pond shoreline.

DSC_0334 DSC_0343 DSC_0405

There is a bird watching platform that you can walk up and see the view of the ocean, the pond and of course many birds. DSC_0460 Gordon (7)Gordon (8)Gordon (9)

The inlet to the pond meets up with a channel that cuts from Lewes, DE to Dewey Beach, DE. There are a lot of houses with boats that can quickly head through the channel to the ocean. The first picture is towards the channel, the 2 pics below is towards the pond. They regulate the amount of water in the pond by damming the flow under the bike path.

photo 2 (9)Gordon (1) photo 3 (9)

On the ocean side there is a beautiful beach that is relatively empty of people. Notice the tower, it’s a guard tower from WW2. They line the beach and had the capability to spot enemy ships miles out. Now they make great scenery while you relax on the shore. Gordon (97)DSC_0491Gordon (4)photo 2 (6)

I went bike riding with my friend Pat for sunrise. About 6 miles into our ride the chain on his bike broke, leaving us stranded. We thought it was hilarious and I quickly came up with a solution… I figured I could pull pat with a stick. So off we went awkwardly pulling him on his bike with a stick. After about 5 miles I was tired and we switched so I got to relax and get pulled by Pat. It went great and I only fell off my bike once in the process.

photo 3 (6)  photo 4 (6)

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