Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is here and actively being used for marketing in the RV Industry. RV Dealerships and campgrounds are leveraging it in their marketing to have the tools that a larger competitor might previously have had an advantage with. We know that RV Dealerships that blog consistently tend to get great results. The customers often have a better experience and the algorithms love it in regards to the marketing aspect. The… Read More

For many people, RVing involves enjoying time at the lake, river or ocean. This puts you in a great position to get out boating. Some RVers pull their boats behind a Class A or Class C RV. Many RV Parks offer boat, canoe, kayak or even jet ski rentals at very low rates as they aim to please their guests. Here are some of the different flavors of activities for you to… Read More

A word for Left Lane Lingerers…. For the most part there are two types of drivers: those who get worked up about people driving slowly in the left lane, and those who do it all the time and are clueless that they’re upsetting everyone else and making the roads more dangerous. We call the latter group the Left Lane Lingerers and we see them all over the country. 

I headed out to Pinnacles National Park for sunrise while we were staying at the Thousand Trails San Benito RV Resort. I’ve been here before and you can check out my first experience to this wonderland by clicking here. Pinnacles is the most recent addition to the National Park system. All of the National Parks I’ve visited have taken my breathe away and this is no exception. From caving with bats to… Read More

The Traveling Pomeranian and I went surfing at Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz. Cowell Beach is known for long easy waves however on this day just a mile up the coast there were 13 footers breaking. There were too many rogue big waves coming into Cowell Beach to paddle out with Bailey but we were able to hit some waves closer to shore.

Very honored to be chosen by Trailblazer Magazine for the feature “I Knew I was a Trailblazer When”. Trailblazer Article

The Mavericks is one of the most famous surf spots in the world. Due to a unique ocean bottom and just the right conditions; it creates over 80 ft waves! There have been a few movies about The Mavericks but the coolest thing about this area is the annual big wave surfing event. It’s invite only and the biggest names in Big Wave Surfing fly in to compete.

Rving has allowed us to see so many interesting places that we normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to see. Having our Car Dolly behind the RV let’s us tour major cities like San Francisco that I wouldn’t want to drive the RV into.

We loved our time on the east coast with Danielle’s family. Now it was time to zip back across America to get back to our RV in Cali and continue the RV Life. “The journey is my home.”

Rehoboth Beach Delaware is a great vacation destination. It has a classic east coast Boardwalk, great nightlife, and beautiful Cape Henlopen State Park. If you’re into shopping there is a massive outlet mall.