Doing it Right in Dewey Beach Delaware

Dewey Beach is a small Beach town in Delaware. It’s just a few miles away from larger Rehoboth Beach. Both towns are big tourist attractions and great Beach getaways. Two restaurants we really enjoy are the Rusty Rudder and The Lighthouse.

DSC_0256They are next to each other and in between the two there is a beach volleyball court that gets used quite a bit. If you’re here on a holiday weekend this area is PACKED and filled with fun events.

photo 3 (21)photo 4 (12)DSC_0251

The Rusty Rudder is a restaurant that’s known for it’s live music and incredible views of the Rehoboth Bay. You can rent jet skis, paddle boards and boats. This particular night had a huge music festival at 4 locations in town. Rusty Rudder had 5 stages constantly playing different bands. DSC_0320photo 2 (15)DSC_0299 DSC_0316 DSC_0448DSC_0374

This lady was so happy because the day before she bought the new iphone that had just been released. She was happy to show me the new features. DSC_0398

North Beach is another popular restaurant. It’s a young crowd and they often have live music. This group rocked the place. I really like the paddle and surf boards all over the restaurant. photo 4 (8)photo 3 (13)

Who in the world would leave such a beautiful burger on their table!photo 4 (10)photo 4 (15)

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