Arches National Park – Moab

We got into Moab, Utah just before sunset. It’s one of the coolest adventure towns I’ve ever seen. Arches National Park is just a few miles north of town. There are a lot of outfitters who provide 4 wheelers and mountain biking. The town was bustling with outdoors people. We went to the Moab Diner. It was busy with bikers, hikers and adventurists. The service was excellent and the food was even better!

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We opted to sleep in our car in Arches National Park so that I could hike Park Avenue before sunrise. It’s the best hike in Arches. The best way to do it is to have someone drop you off at Park Avenue and pick you up in Courthouse Towers. This was the view from where we slept, incredible! DSC_0174

Park Avenue is like walking among massive sky scrapers in a major city. The only difference is the sky scrapers are rocks and there are no other people. Danielle dropped me off and headed to the end point. I had the entire valley to myself. The pic below was the beginning of the hike which gives you a gimpse of what’s to come but it’s tough to understand the massive scale of these monoliths until you do this epic hike. DSC_0182

photo 4 (9) DSC_0261

We drove the entire length of the National Park hitting most of the scenic spots that are accessible less than a mile of the road. Most of the hot spots are just a few hundred feet from the road. DSC_0355

Arches NP lives up to its name with all the massive arches. The sheer size of these rocks are impressive. DSC_0389


Balance Rock was pretty unique. DSC_0523 DSC_0582DSC_0585

They were shooting an adventure movie. It was a big production. They had a fleet of vans and SUVs full of equipment and people hauling them to the spot. DSC_0600

photo 1 (3)

There were some local Indians selling their wares. DSC_0624

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