Relaxing in the Redwoods

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park is located around 15 miles outside of Santa Cruz in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s a beautiful forest area and has a lot to offer nature enthusiasts. Hiking, fishing, camping (including RV hookups), birdwatching, horse and dog-friendly trails. Of course the main attraction are the massive Redwoods.

For RVers staying at the Thousand Trails Resort in Morgan Hill the drive to the Santa Cruz area cuts through the mountains on an extremely scenic and curvy road.


This Redwood is older than Jesus!


The foliage of other trees was in full force. 10300095_1505338199719651_3424294007901504040_n

The weather as it often is in California was perfect for a nice walk in the woods. The main trail is extremely well maintained and less than 1 mile. It’s a flat scenic walk in the woods that anyone can do. 10351316_1505338203052984_6792557892559946997_n

When you are walking among these giants you feel like an ant. 10374519_1505338129719658_6695462766105267335_n 10375055_1505338149719656_5495278441141931650_n

Danielle’s Parents flew out from Maryland for Danielle’s Birthday and stayed with us in the RV. They joined us on this hike. 10383117_1505338059719665_6904243962784162122_n

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