The Best Views of the Golden Gate

If you’re in an RV and want the best views of The Golden Gate Bridge without going into the city this is the drive for you.

Start at The Sutro baths. They are a historical part of San Francisco. They were built in 1896 and was the largest swimming pool in the world. Below is a pic of it in the 1800’s. The parking lot is also RV accessible.

Sutro Baths (in possession)_small

The sutro baths were not financially profitable and now they are in ruins. When the high tide comes in the water comes over the edge.


From here walk along the Coastal Trail towards Land’s End. On low tide you can see shipwrecks at the mouth of the bay. The Traveling Pomeranian loves this area because it’s dog friendly and she can meet friends. You’ll see a lot of joggers and people just walking to enjoy the view.


Keep walking towards Eagle’s Point. For most of the trail you’ll have absolutely incredible views of the golden gate bridge.

DSC_0279 DSC_0282DSC_0277

Get back in your car or RV and head towards Baker Beach just a few miles up the road.


Then drive up about a mile or so to Fort Scott. This offers incredible views of the Golden Gate and is a great place to look at the Bay. DSC_0315DSC_0322

They built the Battery Boutelle as defense for the Bay in the early 1900’s. You can walk along the old ruins while enjoying incredible views. DSC_0302

One of Bailey’s favorite spots is on top of the Battery Boutelle. DSC_90412 DSC_0338 DSC_0348

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