Visiting San Fran’s Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the most famous areas of San Francisco. Most of the attractions are free as you walk through the wharf neighborhood. You can see and hear the world famous sea lions at Pier 39. If you’re looking to eat fresh fish or crab, you’ll find many vendors and restaurants that specialize in seafood.


The people watching is one of my favorite parts.


I thought it was neat to get off the main tourist sidewalk and walk near the boats. We saw the fisherman preparing their boats for tomorrow morning’s excursion. As you walk along the boats keep in mind most of these fleets are 3rd generation fisherman. 67345_1505079679745503_2219466680534523194_n 1001201_1505079666412171_2334116349102294371_n1506722_1505079726412165_6672901640738073204_n

Of course you’ll see the famous San Fran Cable Cars. It’s hard to believe the Cable Cars started way back in San Fran in 1973!1441175_1505079983078806_133357051538541455_n

You’ll find all sorts of entertainment like live music. 1610825_1505079583078846_1488743363471126004_n 1779778_1505079923078812_5652665159586820335_n 10403372_1505079443078860_6783245512425485346_n 10424980_1505079319745539_7849291717978605912_n

This lady plays and sings at Pier 39. 10425858_1505079403078864_7963514425105120880_n

That’s a lot of fishing gear!10426523_1505079623078842_1236252321261501850_n 10428677_1505079706412167_8911571338039895736_n 10628513_1505079406412197_8304081844952518488_n

The most notable seafood here is the Dungeness Crab and Clam Chowder served in a Sourdough bread bowl. Danielle had this for lunch and it was excellent. I am a fanatic about grilled cheese and had this on fresh San Fran Sourdough Bread….WOW!


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