Davenport’s Best Beach

Located just 11 miles north of Santa Cruz off the Pacific Coast Highway, Davenport California is a special place. It’s lined with rugged beautiful coastline and some incredible beaches. Most notable is Shark Fin Cove. It’s not a very well known beach however to find the beach all you need to do is keep an eye on the coast about a mile south of Davenport. You’ll get a glimpse of this beauty for about a second and that’s your cue to park.


It has a lot of room for RV’s to park and all along the coast from Santa Cruz to Davenport you’ll see RV’s boondocking. Be careful not to miss Shark Fin because there are no signs for it. If you mistake it for the next beach less than a mile up it’s Bonny Dune Nude Beach. We made this mistake and I almost got out with my big camera lens to take some pics of Bonny Dune Beach from the cliffs just to check it out. I didn’t know until the next day when I was doing research online that it was a nude beach. I was almost that creeper showing up with the camera haha.


The size of these rocks are impressive. 1908059_1505248269728644_2668219377571204676_n

One important thing to note, this is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery, have a picnic, set up a tent and relax, or just to visit. It IS NOT a place to swim. The current is aggressive and just last year two women went swimming here and were swept out to sea and drowned.

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We hung out in this cave for awhile watching the waves. 10407978_1505248136395324_8777789825715225403_n 10505419_1505249043061900_3772534435418320274_n 10553538_1505249079728563_5790696318007037104_n

The only people that were there showed up as we were leaving. 10410296_1505248939728577_7473272446098170161_n

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