RV Life: Beard or No Beard?

A Man doesn’t grow a Beard, a Beard grows a Man.

We probably all know people who grew a beard in the fall. My brother Mike has had a beard for many years and I’ve always marveled at the concept of growing a beard. I faced the question “Beard or No Beard” for too long. For years I’ve had the “few days old” shave look, but now it was time for the BEARD!

So it was October, leaves were starting to change color and the air was getting crisp. Most importantly, the beard was born… photo (6)

Science has shown that beards rarely sleep. We all know Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep, he waits. I also heard that there is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard, just another fist! We were just near the Petrified Forest in Arizona. Some say the Chuck Norris is the reason the forest is Petrified. If a Beard is good enough for Chuck Norris, than it’s good enough for me.

Often the RV Life offers a lot of great campfires10685510_1489801457939992_3573907747386738825_n to relax while in the woods. I found it a benefit to having a beard since it dramatically increases your wood chopping skills.

There have been studies on why men grow beards. Here are some of the most common responses in no particular order:

  • I always wanted to grow a beard.
  • I wanted to see how I would look with a beard.
  • I wanted to instinctively know where the nearest mountain is
  • I want to look like a lumberjack.
  • I hate to shave.
  • I wanted to change my appearance.
  • I look better, more handsome, with a beard
  • It is the natural thing to do.
  • It is the manly thing to do.
  • I want to increase “relations” with my significant other.
  • It suits my personality.10422277_10100540189098891_8570277054708004607_n
  • Growing a beard is a family tradition.
  • It is something that women cannot do.

After growing a beard I realized there is a great following online for beard peeps. Many like minded people talking about products and a beard meme, pretty entertaining. I recently got a beard trimmer from Amazon. It’s a Norelco Beard Trimmer and it’s incredible. I looked disheveled with my untrimmed beard growing wild like a forest. With the beard trimmer you just adjust the settings to the length you want and mow the lawn.

Now that I have a trimmed up beard my wife can’t keep her hands off me and I’m ready to chop down a few trees. Feel free to share your own Beard stories or experiences below.


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