The Best Kayak for an RV – Tucktec Folding Kayak Review

What is the best type of kayak for an RVer? For so many of us RVers, getting out into the great outdoors is one of the biggest reasons we started RVing. As technology and design of the RVs change and improve, so do the ancillary products that help us enjoy the nature and adventure that we love so much.

One of the big improvements we’ve seen is the kayak industry and how it has adapted for the RV Community. Let’s break down the options with a broad stroke and then dive into the review of what we feel is the best kayak for the RV Community.

Traditional Kayaks

These are the hard and heavy kayaks you’ve used and seen for years. They perform well and have some big advantages, but as with most things there are 2 sides to it…

DC (5)

If you own a campground that keeps a few kayaks on the shore for your guests, this is probably the type for you. You have the space (the shoreline) to store it, they’re durable and easy to use (sit in and paddle).
Fox Lake (3)

And we’ve seen come campgrounds offer this to their campers. When nobody has to haul or lug the thing around, it can be a good solution.

But when you’re in charge of hauling these big heavy beasts, finding room for them on your tow vehicle, in your toy hauler or some other spot to load them up on; it’s a big hassle! Seriously where are you  going to store your large kayaks on a cross country RV trip?

Thors Well (3)

Storage space is a big concern with these types of kayaks. My brother has 2 of them, when he first bought them they got used quite a bit but due to the hassle to load them up and haul them to the lake they get used less frequently. His biggest complaint though is they take up so much room in his garage!!!



  • Good for large rapids
  • Tough
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to transport
  • Take up lots of space

The Rum (8)

Overall we’d say these are NOT good for RVers. They’re great for people who buy them and keep them at a cabin, at a resort, etc but they are just a big pain to haul around and take up far too much space.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks have EXPLODED onto the RV scene. It makes sense because they give an opportunity for the average RVer to have an entry level experience in a kayak that’s easy to bring with you on your adventures.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight


  •  It takes awhile to inflate/deflate and is a massive pain to get back into the bag
  • I get leery paddling down a river full of sticks waiting to poke a hole and let out my air
  • Lesser performance than other types of kayaks

Overall these are a decent option for RVers due to the small amount of space they take up. However the hassle of set up and putting back in the bag just becomes a lot more than most want to deal with.

Folding Kayaks

This is our absolute favorite. The Tucktec Folding Kayak is popular among RVers and for GOOD reason! These are the most recent addition to the types of kayaks and are growing in popularity at a crazy rate now that people are finding out about them. For us it’s a no-brainer so let’s break down some specifics as to why…

Photo Sep 06, 7 14 03 PM


  • Sets up in less than 2 minutes
  • Fits in a storage bay, trunk of a car, or closet
  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • Performs well


  • Not good for big rapids

Overall these are hands down the best type for RVers. We have met so many people who kayak while RVing over the years and the biggest factor in them actually getting out onto the water is convenience. THE TUCKTEC KAYAK SOLVES THAT PROBLEM!

Photo Sep 06, 7 04 11 PM

Tucktec Folding Kayak Review

Time to dive in a little deeper on why the Tucktec Folding Kayak is the best kayak for RVers. In reality, it’s much more than just for RVers so we’ll touch a little bit about some of the other scenarios where it excels above the competition so if you find yourself in one of those situations you’ll know to use the Tucktec!

Photo Sep 06, 6 43 27 PM

Why Get A Tucktec Kayak?

There are a lot of great reasons to buy a Tucktec Folding Kayak. Of course having the ability to paddle around on the places you’ve always wanted to, areas that others can’t access is a big plus. But we wanted to break down some of the specific reasons why we LOVE the Tucktec Folding Kayak.


Can you spot the Tuctec Folding Kayak?


Yep it’s stored behind the fake plant in the corner. It’s small enough to fit into any storage bay, closet, trunk or garage.


This also means that if you want the ability to at a moments notice stop the vehicle, pull out a kayak and paddle around a random body of water YOU CAN! Because the Tucktec easily stores in an SUV, trunk of a car, backseat of a truck, etc.

Photo Aug 14, 5 58 04 PM

So all you soccer Mom and Dad’s, you can be paddle ready within 2 minutes!


In my opinion this is the biggest benefit. It’s SO EASY to setup and start paddling. I was skeptical when I first heard about it setting up in less than 2 minutes, even after seeing videos of other customers do it. Photo Sep 08, 6 20 14 PM

My first time took me just under 10 minutes because I was watching a Youtube Video on how to do it AND I had a couple toddlers running around me during the process. But after a couple of times doing it I am now consistently under the 2 minute mark.

The Story

The story of how the company started is pretty impressive. It was started out of the owners garage and he built it up, bought a shop after sales exploded and now makes them there; IN THE USA! They have done very little marketing and I firmly believe the company has grown so fast because the product REALLY IS THAT GOOD!

Photo Sep 08, 5 38 35 PM

Price Point

Have you heard of the Oru folding kayak? They are well over $1,000! The Tucktec is usually just $350 we spoke with Tucktec and they’re letting us throw out a discount to our followers.

Use the coupon code “Holiday” at checkout and knock $50 off and get yours for just $300!

A Few Common Kayak Scenarios

At the Cabin

Got a cabin and you want to keep your kayak there but you don’t want to use up your shed to store it? Keep it conveniently in the closet or in a shed since it takes up so little room.


If you rent out your cabin that could be a great amenity for your guests to be able to kayak around within minutes and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of room for storage.

At the Campground

RVers have always battled with space issues in their RV. We have a massive 44 ft 5th wheel and still have to be extremely careful with what we purchase to avoid looking like hoarders and hindering our ability to live comfortably inside the RV.

The Tucktec is so small when folded up that we fit it easily into our underneath storage bay. No hassle of loading up heavy kayaks, I don’t have to worry about inflating something at the camper and then hauling it inflated to the dock or bringing a pump with me. It’s just easy with the Tucktec Folding Kayak…

Fox Lake (122)

So many campgrounds are on the lake, river or ocean. In fact that’s one of the reasons we love to go camping. So to have the ability to whip this beast out and kayak in some of the coolest bodies of water in the country is a huge benefit.

find your beach vid

Or as you’re traveling and see a spot you’d like to paddle around and explore, whip out the Tucktec and enjoy some RV Adventure!

Destin n Panama City (41)

On a Hike

A lot of times when I find a spot that would be amazing for Kayaking, it isn’t very accessible to get started. Who wants to carry a heavy kayak on a hike to put in and launch it? Nobody does…

Or if you have an inflatable you have have to bring a pump, have it in a bag and deal with the hassle of setting it up and taking it down. Plus where are you going to keep your pump and bag while you kayak?

DSC_0218 copy

The Tucktec Kayak allows you to hike in, set up in less than 2 minutes and paddle quickly and easily so you can access those areas that others just can’t.

Photo Sep 08, 4 44 28 PM

Photo Sep 08, 5 52 48 PM

At Home

I mentioned before that my brother has 2 traditional kayaks in his home and they take up WAY too much room in his garage and they are a pain to haul to the lake. Which is a bummer because where he lives in Minnesota he has more than a dozen lakes near his house and a cool pond behind his house.

Photo Aug 14, 7 49 14 PM

When you’re using the Tucktec Folding Kayak you could keep it in a closet and take up almost no space. In fact you might forget it’s even there.

Photo Dec 03, 3 39 51 PM

Kayak Rental Companies

I’ve taken rental kayaks from outfitters as we’ve traveled across the country. If you haven’t seen it usually they have big trailers that they load up the kayak or canoes onto, as well as potentially on an additional roof rack. It’s a lot of work for the rental company…

Mississippi Kayaking (7)

Imagine living in a tourist destination and offering people to take a kayak tour and you don’t have to haul a kayak!?! Just have them pick up the Tucktec and drop it off when they’re done. You could even run your rental operation out of your RV.

Mono Lake (34)


Love to fish but you don’t have a boat? With a kayak you can sneak up on the best fishing spots to reel them in. If you catch a big enough fish they’ll pull you around like a trolling motor…

FullSizeRender (21)

Soccer Moms

Got kids that you’re running around to school, practice, or somewhere else? The Tucktec is so convenient to store in an SUV, trunk or back seat that you could drop your kids off at school, look across the road and see a body of water and before your kids enters the school you could be the Mom paddling around waving at them while they enter their school (how embarrassing for your kids lol).


Or how about you drop them off for practice and take some “Mom Time” and paddle around a nearby lake or river?

At the Office

With so much emphasis on work/life balance why not bring one and keep it in your office? That way at lunch time instead of the people going for a walk on their lunch break you can paddle around or even reel in a few fish.

MD Spring 2018 (117)

Seriously, you could grab it and be set up paddling within a few minutes.

At a Restaurant

This past summer I met up with a good friend back in my hometown of Princeton Minnesota. As I’m sure you know there are lakes EVERYWHERE in this beautiful state. Well we grabbed a bite at a local spot on Elk Lake that actually use to be a boat house.

Photo Jun 16, 1 23 48 PM

You really can’t go wrong when this is the view from your table. We started chatting about adventure and I told him we should drop what we’re doing and go kayaking!

Photo Jun 16, 1 13 26 PM

I told him I happened to have a kayak in my SUV and that it was the coolest kayak I’ve ever seen. It took longer to get the check than it did to set up and start paddling! We ended up taking turns with our Tucktec Time, it was a blast.

Photo Aug 20, 6 23 38 PM

Common Questions

Is It Stable?

Yes. You’ll find it performs just like a traditional kayak however it’s not rated for anything above Class 2 rapids so if you’re planning on heading down some waterfalls this isn’t the kayak for you lol.

Photo Sep 08, 5 11 12 PM

I’ve tested this beast on lakes, rivers and ponds and every time it performed well in a variety of weather and water conditions.

Is It Good For Kids?

Absolutely! With a weight limit of 350 pounds you can fit a young kid in front of you to tag along on your ride. If you have older kids like my other brother, they’ll get some awesome memories paddling around.

Photo Sep 06, 6 29 41 PM

Is It Tough?

I had wondered how stable and tough it would be. It’s a little unnerving at first to get inside of a folded boat, but it blew my mind. It’s tough, it’s stable, and you forget you’re in a kayak that was folded. So cool!

Photo Sep 08, 5 40 26 PM

Review of the Tucktec Folding Kayak

Overall we think this is an EXCELLENT choice for anyone who wants to kayak.

  • Easy to Setup/Use
  • Small & Light for Easy Storage and Transport
  • Performs Well
  • It’s Fun!

So what are you waiting for!?! Get your Tucktec Kayak  and enjoy some convenient Tucktec Time. Let them know Shorelooksnice says Hello! Photo Sep 06, 7 03 20 PM

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