A Walk in the RV Park

RV Parks have a huge variety of things DSC_0091to do to entertain their customers, but sometimes it’s fun to do something outside of the RV Park or Resort. Many times a simple walk in the park is all you need to find adventure.

We left the RV Park to go across the street to take a walk in the County Park. County Parks are often filled with history and a fantastic way to have a local experience of the area you’re visiting.

On this particular RV Adventure, we were staying at the beautiful Peace River Thousand Trails RV Resort in Wauchula, FL. You can walk across the bridge to Pioneer Park which is rich in history. Our friends the Lozano’s were visiting us so we all headed out for an adventure. They have miles of hiking trails along the river.


Any museum fans out there? They have a museum filled with items from Florida’s History.

DSC_0064_tonemapped DSC_0073

Notice the RV in the background, this park is also an RV Park.


We thought it was hilarious to watch these two little guys eat this Watermelon. The chubby one ate until he couldn’t eat anymore.


Being at the water in Florida wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t see Alligators. This guy kept swimming around looking for some fish.


It hasn’t rained lately and the water level was a little bit down but that didn’t stop these guys. I’ve seen a lot of Kayakers go through the shallow water but this guy had a trolling motor and they zipped on by, it looks so fun!


I haven’t been on a rope swing in years! I couldn’t pass up this opportunity and took the leap!


There is a boat launch area that’s nicely built. Keep your eyes open for fish, they have big fish and the water was so clear we saw countless fish that I’d love to catch!


RVing is a great way to keep the romance alive. Now get out and enjoy your own adventure at a local city or county park.


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