Peaceful Camping on the River

Camping on the river offers a lot of great experiences. The Peace River RV Resort in Wauchula, FL is full of these outdoor activities. We stayed here twice this spring and had a good opportunity to explore the Resort and the surrounding area.


Many of the sites are right on the river with their own beach.


The fishing is fantastic. Often when it was evening I would walk the trails on the river and see fish countless fish leaping out of the water.


There were quite a few canoers fishing while cruising down the river.


There are miles of hiking and biking trails.

DSC_0479photo 4 (6)_tonemapped

We’ve always enjoyed going for walks at RV Parks to look at all the cool RVs. DSC_0571

The trails are dog friendly.


Although this looks like a beautiful swimming spot. When you look closer there is an 8 foot alligator just hanging out on the other side.


Gotta love a heated pool!


We had a house warming party and our friend James came and played live music for us. Peace (6)_edited-1

Bailey loved being on the river.

photo 1 (4)_tonemapped photo 1 (5)_tonemapped

I found out that this RV Resort is sitting on one of the best spots in the country for finding fossils. We ended up going Fossil Hunting.

photo 1 (38)

I liked my neighbors T-Shirt, “Got RVing”?

photo 1 (41)

I thought this RV Mail drop box was cool.

photo 1_tonemapped

They had wild boar traps out.

photo 2 (30)

We utilized the hiking trails to train Zoey to walk with us without a leash.

photo 2 (34)_tonemapped

When I was putting Bailey in her fence to go to the bathroom I noticed this visitor. Do you see Bailey just checking it out?

photo 2 (37)

The best place to get work done is by the fire.

photo 3 (26)

Wauchula is a neat little town.

photo 3 (30)_tonemapped

We saw people floating down the river. Zoey loved checking them out.

photo 3 (32)_tonemapped

What a relaxing place to be!

photo 3 (37)_tonemapped photo 4 (4)_tonemapped

There are a lot of Kayakers on the Peace River. I ended up going Canoeing 9 miles down the river.

photo 4 (5)_tonemapped

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