Why Campers Love the Mountains

DSC_0379 copyMy brother Mike and I use to head up camping in the Sierra’s every chance we had back when we lived in Southern California. I owned a marketing firm and adjusted my schedule so that I was ready for a last minute trip up to the Mountains. We also had company camping trips. Everyone was invited and we went to some incredible places like Yosemite, Cucamonga Peak, and Onion Valley.

After he moved back to Minnesota I kept hiking and climbing with other friends. During that time period, I fell in love with hiking and camping in the Mountains. I realize there’s endless things I enjoy about heading up to enjoy some time in the Mountains. Here’s a few reasons why the mountains are so captivating:


It’s tough to get much more peaceful than on a mountain. Many times we would never see another human the entire time. In those situations, it gets easy to unplug all the clutter in your head and focus on a single thought or idea. When I was CEO of a company that by its nature was fast paced and required a lot of time and mental energy, I found that although many of our trips were strenuous and grueling, they gave us a renewed spirit and energy from the moments of peace on the mountain.

DSC_0177 copyCucamonga Peak (29)

The Lake

I think I’m addicted to watching beautiful reflections on mountain lakes. Calm water that looks like a glass reflection with a mountain in the backround is my favorite spot to be at. Throw in a few jumping fish and some great hiking trails around the lake and I might think I’m in paradise.



We’ve been on some amazing climbing adventures in the mountains. Climbing is a fun and healthy activity that when you’re in the mountains, it can give you a rush and scenery that’s rarely experienced in life. With indoor rock climbing gyms becoming so popular, it’s easy to train year round for your climbing adventures in the wild.

Onion Valley (149)


Hiking is one of my favorite activities. It’s physically challenging, healthy, a great relationship builder, and excellent for the mind. It’s neat how different areas of the mountain off such different conditions. I’ve started hikes at lower elevations where it was 80 degrees and within a few hours up at higher elevation we got caught in a snow storm and freezing temps. I’ve found that with hiking trips being planned and prepared is critical in ensuring safety and making sure you have a good time.

Onion Valley Trip (18)Cucamonga Peak (34)


There’s been a long time debate over which is better, sunset or sunrise. My answer to the debate is BOTH. But I especially love sunrise on the mountain for a variety of reasons. Watching the way everything comes to life when the sun comes out is fascinating.

Cucamonga Peak (11)


Camping is adventure. Throw in a large mountain and it takes it to another level. Sometimes you have to push yourself into uncomfortable and new situations to grow.

Cucamonga (24)Cucamonga (10)

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