RV Glamping Tips

I love to camp, Danielle loves to Glamp. We’ve worked out a happy medium by going to scenic areas where I can still have my wilderness adventures but she has the luxuries to make life on the road comfortable. We purchased a Toy Hauler that offers extreme comfort and also made a few of our own changes through products or ideas to give us the Glamping experience while we hit the open road in the RV. If you’re looking to Glamp while RVing, here’s our tips.

Buy a Fully Loaded RV

We realize this isn’t an option for everyone but it’s completely changed the way we camp. We were in a small and basic 27 ft Class C Sunseeker for almost a year.

I think the Sunseeker Successfully Found the Sun_tonemapped

It was small space living. It was camping, NOT Glamping. We worked at our dinette, we ate at our dinette, we relaxed at our dinette. Our lives revolved around that dinette. We loved it but realized that to do this any longer, and with Danielle being pregnant we needed to get something bigger. What we didn’t need (but wanted) was all of the countless amenities our 2015 Heartland Road Warrior 425 offers. It’s got reclining massage chairs, a fireplace, heated floors, a full size bathtub, and countless other things that have turned this into a daily Glamping experience.



It’s not very glamorous to pack up your clothes and head to the laundromat. With our washer/dryer combo we can always make sure we have the clothes we want clean and smelling fresh.

Peace (13)

A Comfortable Bed

Let’s face it, RV mattresses are not comfortable. We upgraded to memory foam and a 6 inch memory foam pad on top of the mattress. Nice sheets, comforters and pillows add to the Glamping experience. Although I’m not sure if we really need all six of our pillows….


Toy Hauler Deck

In my strong opinion I think Toy Hauler decks are going to completely change the industry and the way people camp. I’ve now seen them on Class A’s, 5th wheels, Travel Trailers, and even Class C RVs. Chillin in a scenic spot or grilling some steaks on your deck has Glamping written all over it.

DSC_0121 (2)_tonemapped

Stay at RV Resorts

Many RV Resorts offer countless amenities that allow you to Glamp. We often stay at Thousand Trails RV Resorts where we can enjoy things like heated pools, FREE kayak rentals, and lawn bowling.

Paint Job

Not all RVs look appealing. Many are downright ugly or plain. We’ve seen our share of custom paint jobs and it really spruces up the appeal. Some setups even have custom cars, vans and RVs that match.

Work Space

With the digital age upon us it’s great to be connected while you’re out camping. For entrepreneurs and people who work remotely, it can be glamorous to have your desk or office space set up to work in scenic locations.

photo 1 (36)It feels a little creepy that Bailey sits all day watching me work, waiting and waiting until I eat something

LED or Rope Lights

These are functional as well as looking really cool. We had rope lights with the Sunseeker. They are relatively inexpensive. In the Road Warrior it has built in LED lights on the awnings.

photo 2 (11)

No More Red Cups

I hate doing the dishes. I’ve convinced Danielle that for most of our meals we will use red cups and paper plates. But when we want to fancy it up we use our “nice” stuff. We don’t have glass cups but have found some excellent plastic glasses that are really nice.

photo 3 (2)

Stay Connected

DSC_0024Whether you set up satellite or use a phone to tv adapter it pays to be able to watch your favorite shows. We use this lightning adapter so we can watch Hulu, Netflix and Youtube anywhere that we have cell phone service. Our cell phone plans have unlimited data.

Get Organized

Danielle is a very neat person and everything in our RV has a specific place. We’ve utilized bins, wall hooks, organizers, etc to make sure there is zero clutter. After all, it’s not very glamorous to have stuff all over.


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