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Orlando is a popular place for families to vacation, and for good reason. There are countless tourist spots  that offer quality entertainment. It was interesting to bring our home to the area rather than do the traditional hotel style vacation. This RV Resort is so close to Disney that each night when the fireworks go off we could see them from the roof of our RV. We have chosen a doctor in Orlando for Danielle’s pregnancy which allowed us to spend just over two months enjoying the Orlando area while staying at the Thousand Trails Orlando Resort.

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Often called TTO by Thousand Trails Members, this is one of the most popular and busiest RV Resorts of the Thousand Trails. All of the TT (thousand trails) resorts vary in the experience they offer. Some are secluded and rustic with extremely scenic wilderness experiences. Some such as this one, offer tons of amenities and community events to keep you and your family entertained. Most of our adventures are featured in other blog posts so this is essentially a list of our favorite amenities and experiences at the campground itself.

When we first got here we had our Class C Forest River Sunseeker. I wish I would have taken more pictures but this was the last picture we have of our first RV. It was a fantastic RV but after having the much larger and nicer Road Warrior we can’t say that we miss it.


There’s a large nature pond that is behind an entire section of the campsites to give waterfront property to RVers.

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They have two pools. One is for kids and one is for the adults. One of our favorite things about RV Resorts is heated pools!


Tampa is nearby and it’s the lightning capital of the world. We often enjoyed watching the lightning ripple through the sky. I need to work on improving on my lightning photography but the cloud is lit up in this picture from the lightning.


It’s the rainy season in the spring in Florida and almost daily we’d get a nice warm shower for about 15 minutes in the afternoon.

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Of course after the rain, many times we were blessed with a nice rainbow at the campground. We even had a double rainbow a few times.

DSC_0153 (2)

We picked a nice spot that was away from any other campers and next to the woods. DSC_0022 (2)_tonemapped

Who wants to play some volleyball?


We thought the lawn bowling was one of the best amenities we’ve seen at a campground. It was a lot of fun!DSC_0039

These cranes came right up to our RV. We always knew when they were around because of the unique sound they make.


They just had babies recently.


Our dogs love RVing because there are so many new smells for them.


We always clean up after our dogs. We even bring dog gates with us when we travel so if it’s the middle of the night and they have to go out it’s convenient. One day I set Bailey outside to do her business. I saw her do her business and 15 minutes later I went out to pick it up and it was gone. I was so confused because I knew she had went… The next time she went I wanted to see if I was crazy or if something was really taking her poo so I left it in our gates and came back after around a half hour and sure enough, it was gone! I was determined to find out who the poo snatcher was so next time I brought out my gopro and sat out there and waited. It turns out these beetles came seemingly out of nowhere, rolled balls up twice their size and then rolled them away.

I kept seeing these holes in the ground. They seemed to be everywhere. It took me a few days to realize that they are the homes of these huge turtles that roam around the campground.

DSC_0163 (2)_tonemapped DSC_0106

We spent many evenings grilling off the back of the Toy Hauler.

DSC_0121 (2)_tonemapped

Apparently when we were here it was mating season for the alligators and I was talking to a guy who took out his small boat often. He told me that he was fishing too close to the female alligators nest and it came out and bumped his boat to tell him to move along.


The fishing is pretty good at the lake.


If you want to increase your odds of catching fish they have a fully stocked fishing pond near the mini golf.


The Lake was my favorite part. It’s a small scenic lake with lots of wildlife. DSC_0217_tonemapped DSC_0237_tonemapped

The Resort rents out Kayaks for FREE!DSC_0251 (2)_tonemapped_edited-12RV Activity, Kayaking

The RV community is so friendly!


This RV Resort had more community activities than any other we’ve seen. They have water aerobics, billiard tournaments, water balloon toss competitions, pot lucks and so much more to get people having fun together!

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