RV Food Related Tips

RVing has many food benefits. It allows you to enjoy different food experiences and cultures, but also to have the conveniences you would at your traditional home kitchen. With some planning and preparing, you can maximize your food enjoyment on the open road. Here are our RV Food related tips:

1. Paper or Plastic?

We’re not talking about at the grocery store. (secret fun fact: I went to state for bagging groceries in college) For the most part we use paper plates and plastic silverware. We’ve banned all glass and ceramic plates/mugs from our Road Warrior. For the most part we use paper plates and plastic silverware for these reasons:

  • Our house bounces, we don’t want things to break.
  • They are lighter
  • I HATE doing dishes and when boondocking this saves us water usage

2. Lock Everything Down

It can be frustrating to get to your location andIMG_3481 realize you have to rearrange the food in your cabinets. Or worse, there was an accident. We use rods and bungee chords to keep things from moving around.

3. It better NOT Take Long?

We RV for freedom and to enjoy the outdoors. The last thing I want to do is spend my time in the kitchen cooking or worse, cleaning! When Danielle is going to make something where I have to clean pots and pans, she usually makes A LOT so we can enjoy the leftovers for a few days.

4. Maximize Space

We use stackers to maximize IMG_3477our cupboard space for food. Another thing that’s helped with drawer space is hanging hooks on the wall for things like spatulas.

5. Buy an RV with a Pantry

We made the mistake in our first RV of not having enough space for our food. When we upgraded to a 5th Wheel we wanted IMG_3479to make sure we had a pantry in the RV we purchased.

6. Watch for Local Food

Road side stands and farmer’s markets allow you to dive into an areas culture and get some fresh produce.

Did we miss anything? If you have any RV Food tips please share in the comments.

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  1. Hey Eric,
    what’s your view of “to grill” or BQ as a typical RV-living Style?
    We like it so much because we can cook vegetables and meat outside with propane and above all without any odors in our beds😷!
    Have nice days…

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