Making our Road Warrior Feel Like Home

After we purchased our Heartland Road Warrior 425 we had to make it feel like home.  We often walk or ride bike through RV Campgrounds to check out the other setups and RVs that people have. Everybody has their flavor of what their makes their RV a “Home” on wheels. As I was listening to Danielle tell me about her vision of our RV, I noticed how this unique rig made their RV “home”.


Danielle had a lot of big plans that she tried to explain to me but I just couldn’t see it. So she took the reigns of the project to decorate our home.

photo 2 (44)The first stop we made was to Walmart. I couldn’t hardly keep up with Danielle. She was like an Olympic sprinter running through the isles. Walmarts are known for being RV friendly and many even have RV sections. We stocked up on supplies and decorations.

I was excited to get back to the RV when Danielle let me know our shopping experience wasn’t over. We were headed to Ikea! There is one thing I know about going to Ikea with my wife, it’s that I can expect to be there for hours while she visualizes how things would look in our home. I’ve come to realize that I need to bring a fully charged phone because while she shops I can read articles online and catch up on some work.

A House is made with walls and beams, a Home is made with Love and Dreams

We ended up with a desk for my office, a few chairs and some storage cubes. When we moved from the Sunseeker to the Road Warrior we put most of our stuff in the Toy Hauler to be organized once we left the dealership. Needless to say my office (the toy hauler) was a disaster.

photo 4 (34)

We headed over to Camping World to get a cover for our stove to significantly increase our counter space and to put our fruit bowl.


The rest of what we bought was online. The boxes kept on coming. It got to the point where we would walk to the office of the RV Park and they would say how many boxes came in that day haha.


The TP holder I installed in the back bathroom didn’t turn out as I anticipated.

We put hooks on the wall to hang pictures and things in the kitchen.

I set up the deck quickly.

RV mattresses aren’t known for being comfortable. Danielle bought 2 pads to go on top of our mattress. One is a 6 inch memory foam pad. We sleep great! Bailey loves the bed too..

photo 1 (31)_tonemapped

This might sound odd but what gave me the biggest feeling of “home” was when I did laundry. We went almost a year in our Class C RV that didn’t have a washer/dryer. The Road Warrior has a washer/dryer combo. It was the most fun I’ve ever had while doing laundry.

Peace (13)

There is an ongoing joke among RVers that the yard work they have to do now is shaking a rug. It’s so minimal for us, we set up the dog gates, put the surboard and bikes outside and our yard is all set up.

photo (1)

Finally we put everything together and I was able to get to work again.

photo 4 (33)

Here’s a quick tour of our home!

After it was all done our friend James came over and played some tunes as a house warming party. It was awesome!

Peace (6)_edited-1

Now that we got it all dialed in to the way we like it, Danielle has plans to completely change it up for the baby! Details coming soon…

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  1. I Love your Page. I saw you on a comment on the Bonita Shores in Possum Kingdom Page. I too had to decorate my RV like home. We have a 2012 Heartland Big Horn.

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