RVing to the Border Beach City

You can’t start a Border to Border RV Trip without starting out at the border! Danielle and I are embarking on a 6 month journey up the west coast from the CA/Mexico border, all the way the Washington/Canada border. 

Imperial Beach, California is our starting point. It’s the southern most town on the West Coast. It’s so close to San Diego that you can see downtown from the Beach. Imperial Beach (1)

On the other side is Tijuana, Mexico.

Imperial Beach (19)

I was really excited to go Surfing on the border but it rained heavily the day before and the local reports warned not to get in the water as the Tijuana River dumps into the ocean here and after it rains the water is hazardous. It was nice to be able to walk along the shore and check out Mexico from across the river. Imperial Beach (14)Cool little Mexican islands. Imperial Beach (13)

It’s not surprising that there were border patrol here. There’s also a large military presence with helicopters constantly flying around. Imperial Beach (17)

This house is the furthest south house on the west coast. Imperial Beach (22)

Just north of the border is the Imperial Beach Pier.Imperial Beach (23)Imperial Beach (28)

This guy parked his RV and Imperial Beach (6)headed out paddleboarding. What a scenic spot to hang out for the day! There’s a lot of free parking on the street just south of the pier. As expected there are some boutique shops and restaurants near the pier, although it’s not as built up as we expected.

Imperial Beach (5)

After being in Minnesota for so long to have Ella, it shore is nice to be back at the ocean!Imperial Beach (31)

Babies love the beach. Imperial Beach (35)

Of course the best place to get a Burrito is near the Mexican border. To top the day off we stopped at a local place and had some incredible Burritos before heading back to the RV!Imperial Beach (37)

Now that we’ve explored the Southern Border, it’s time to slowly creep up the coast. The goal is to stay for around 2-3 weeks at a time. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to track our wild and crazy Adventure up the coast.

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  1. Look us up when you get to WA, we’re between Thunderbird – TT, Tall Chief – Encore but have a trip to Birch Bay in August planned and will be doing the summer holidays at Leavenworth – TT. Would love to meet your family and know of many more FTFs in the area.

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