Wildflowers with Chef V

Anza Borrego is California’s largest State Park. Each spring the Wildflowers bloom in a big way, covering the landscape. I met up with my good friends Brandon and Veronica to explore this amazing desert in search of the Spring Wildflowers.

Chef V

We were RVing near the Mexican Border at the Thousand Trails Pio Pico RV Resort. Whenever we RV to areas where our friends live, we try to connect. Brandon and Veronica live in Del Mar (just outside of San Diego). The last time I saw them it was in their tiny apartment in Pacific Beach. They had just started this new juicing company. Fast forward a few years and Chef V is crushing the juicing market.

Over the years we’ve called each other to bounce ideas off one another and get opinions on marketing strategies. On a separate day from the hike, I spent the day with them at their headquarters in  San Marcos, CA.

They’re niche is that they deliver your weekly supply of a healthy green drink to your door each week. It’s an incredible story how they built the company. As with most multi-million dollar companies, it took a lot of grinding out long hard hours. V would cook in their kitchen and Brandon would be the delivery driver after working a regular job. They grew quickly, selling over 40k groupons and expanding nationwide! Now they have industrial kitchens in San Diego and New York.

In the office we broke down the Social Media Marketing Strategy to increase the bottom line. Afterwards we headed to their beautiful home in Del Mar overlooking the ocean at Torrey Pines to talk some more big picture entrepreneurship and walk down to the beach.

Del Mar (5)

The Most Popular Hike

The Palm Canyon Trail is a desert Oasis hike. The trail head starts at the Palm Canyon Campground. It’s an easy 3 mile loop that takes you on a variety of scenery with it’s climax being the massive oasis. The entire hike should take most people roughly 2 hours with taking breaks and photos.

Anza Borrego (2)

There are a lot of spots to look out over the canyon as you dive deeper into the desert. Anza Borrego (4)

I see the Oasis!

Anza Borrego (17)

It was neat to hang out in the shade of the big Palms. Mountains are looming in the background of each direction. There’s a stream that flows through.

Anza Borrego (8)

What a neat spot. It’s easy to enjoy life and relax in such a beautiful setting. Anza Borrego (11)

I don’t feel my pictures did the wildflowers justice. What I found interesting was how different the flowers were in the separate fields. If you call the ranger or stop into the visitor center they can guide your towards a specific type of flower.

Anza Borrego (20)

Metal Sculptures

As you’re driving in the Borrego Springs area you might notice a lot of HUGE sculptures randomly in the desert. In fact there are 130 Metal Sculptures that were made of the creatures that use to roam this area millions of years ago.

Anza Borrego (22)Other Hikes

This place is packed with incredible hikes. From ancient cave paintings to rock climbing, the variety of highlights of the hikes is huge. Many of the best hikes require a truck with ground clearance, many with 4wd. Even if you don’t have a truck, there are endless hikes to explore!

Anza Borrego (28)

Do you know of a great place to see wildflowers? Let us know in the comments and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel as we’re going to be incorporating Vlogging style videos to share every day life in the RV World.

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