RV Bucket List: Napa Valley RV Trip

Compromise is a big part of any good marriage… Since our 6 month RV Surfing Trip up the West Coast was mainly for me, Danielle had one big request; that we head inland when we hit central California and spend some time in Napa Valley.


Napa Valley Wine Tour

Napa Valley has always been on Danielle’s RV Bucket List so she was really excited to leave the Los Angeles area and get out into the countryside. So after battling LA rush hour, we lost ourselves into the rolling hills of Central California.

It’s always interesting for us to see the process of winemaking. We’ve been on Food/Drink tours all over the country to watch the process. The Domaine Chondon gave us a behind the scenes tour on how these grapes end up at the store for purchase!

Napa (2)

The property is absolutely gorgeous. Napa (5)There were a few RVs parked in the parking lot but larger RVs wouldn’t fit down this road. This is a popular winery for wine tour companies so parking can get a bit crazy, but there’s a good amount of it.

The tour explained the different ways the vines are taken care of and what type of result that produces. It’s a large science project. 

Napa (10)

The barrels that hold the wine are massive!Napa (11)

Napa Valley often creates early morning fog which is beautiful to see covering the vistas. They burn off quickly when things warm up but walking through a vineyard in the fog is a neat experience.

Napa (14)Napa (28)

Waking Up in a Vineyard

RiVino (6)

What a rare experience… It’s one of those million dollar moments in life. We had no agenda other than to enjoy life… and wine.

How many people can say they slept in a Vineyard?

We had just left Napa Valley RiVino (7)and were heading to the Redwoods of Northern California. Having no set agenda when Danielle saw a beautiful vineyard that offered tastings she wanted me to swing in. It was at Rivino Winery which is located right on the Russian River.

We were talking with them about the best spot to turn around with the Road Warrior and I can’t remember how the topic of Boondocking came up but we jumped on the opportunity of a lifetime of spending the night in a California Vineyard! They were so hospitable!

RiVino (37)

If you’re looking for Million Dollar views, RiVino Winery is the place to go! They even have a Wine that was made during a bad California Fire season that has a taste and smell of a campfire, our kind of wine!

Getting Work Done

Entrepreneurs and employees who are able to work remote love areas like this. To be able to enjoy fantastic views of a Vineyard, enjoying some wine while being productive with the Free Wifi. Most offices are not this scenic.

RiVino (21)

Working In the Working Out

You’ve got to work in your workouts. Traveling full time we get creative with our workouts. It’s easy to be active when you’re RVing to so many beautiful places. So while we were staying in the Vineyard I woke up early and headed out to ride the large property next to the Russian River.

RiVino (27)RiVino (33)

What about you? Have you stayed in Napa or in a Vineyard? We’d love to hear your comments below!


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