20 Reasons You Should RV

Life is short. I believe if more people knew the type of experiences they could enjoy while traveling in an RV, way more people would do it. Whether you’re looking to pack up and hit the road full time or just be weekend warriors; here are some of the reasons why YOU NEED TO RV!

The Local Food


Downtown MPLS

We will pretty much eat anything so when we started this trip, we didn’t expect the food to be such a big joy for our travels. It didn’t take long on the road to realizing that we needed some sort of vetting process to capture the type of experience we wanted. We started looking online, Facebook Reviews, Yelp, etc and found our rhythm to seek out and destroy a plate of the best local food in town.

From Texas Toast in Texas to hot dish in Minnesota, this country’s full of great local food. Some of the best food has been off the beaten path in smaller towns.

The Big City


Las Vegas

Each major city is vastly different. They have a unique history, culture, architecture, and scenery. I totally get that a big part of RVing is getting out into nature but visiting big cities awesome!

Campgrounds will vary but in most cases, you’ll find tight spots that are essentially large parking lots with hookups when RVing to big cities.

Of course, you could always stay at a campground in the suburbs or just outside the city where it might be a bit more rural and scenic. Then just take day trips into the city.


The Hills


Theodore Roosevelt National Park

There have been a few places with rolling hills that have been incredibly gorgeous. Clouds often add a lot to the landscape. Parts of the Dakotas and Central California have had a lot of nice rolling hills.


The Wine


Pietra Santa Winery, San Benito, CA

There’s an entire country of wineries to explore and visit. Even if you don’t drink, the views are often fantastic! Of course, nothing beats spending the night boondocked in a winery.

Most people are familiar with the Napa Valley, but there are excellent wine regions that offer great wines in scenic locations, but at a much lower cost than Napa.

California’s hidden wine region is considered by many to be much more enjoyable than visiting the Napa area. The towns of Gilroy and Hollister boast some of the most scenic wineries in the country and here’s a secret, many of the Napa Valley wineries buy their grapes from this area. 


The Northern Lights


At the RV in Minnesota

I’m not sure that it gets much better than relaxing outside of your RV and watching the northern lights illuminate the sky above you. Throw a campfire in the mix and its true bliss.

I had a great conversation with someone recently who told me they thought northern lights only happened in Alaska. They actually happen all over the northern states. I’ve been using Soft Serve News for a long time to help me predict when to plan a campfire when we’re in the north.

The Desert


Colorado National Monument

What a wonderful place. Although it seems like a dry and dead area, deserts are actually full of life. I enjoy hiking before sunrise and watching the warm sun come up over the horizon. Scenery can completely change how it looks as the light changes.

Yes, cacti are all over in a lot of desert areas and yes they hurt if you walk into them. But hiking in the desert has a unique feel to it. The dry heat, colorful rocks, and vast expanses make it a great place to take in a deep breathe and be awed by nature.

The Beach


Sanibel Island, FL

Yep, probably one of the most sought after reasons for RVing is heading to the beach. Let the kids run free while you relax and do nothing. Maybe you want to take a long stroll and find some seashells. Whatever your reason to head to the beach, we’re sure it’s a good one.


The Sunsets

Sunsets in new areas can easily take your breath away. Sometimes we’ll go to an area and time will feel like it stops while the sun slowly drops below the horizon. My favorite part is waiting to see if the clouds are going to illuminate into something spectacular.

38th-newport-3The Music newport-beach-ca-118

Great performers are all over and pop up in the least expected places. We love listening to live music at the local pub or dive joint. It’s really fun to see the different types of music depending on where we’re at.

Restaurants on the beach that have live music are our favorite.


The Sand


Siesta Key Beach, FL

Some of the softest sand in the world can be found in Siesta Key, FL. But even if you go to a beach that doesn’t have sparkling white sand that’s cool on your feet, hanging out with your toes in the sand is a fun way to spend the day at the beach.


The Fishing siesta-key-66

Fishing in the lakes, oceans, and rivers of the country has been something I’ve always wanted to do. Even if you’re not an avid fisherman, many RV Parks are either on a body of water or have stocked fishing ponds so you have good odds of pulling in a fish. We’ve had countless campsites where we could step outside of the RV and cast a line. A few times we could (and did) fish off the toy hauler.

photo-2The Animals


Whether it’s on the trail, or from the safety of your RV, having a run-in with wildlife can be one of the highlights of a trip. It’s been especially neat to see animals that we didn’t grow up seeing in our local areas like Big Horn Sheep.


The Adventure

Two of the top things that people, as they get older, say they wish they would have done differently is traveled and taken more risks. Don’t let life pass you by, get out and do something adventurous. You don’t need to wait until you can climb a big peak, start small, just start.


The Family Timep-town-33

We’ve spent more time with our families in the past few years of RVing than we had in the past decade!

It’s easy to spend time with your in-laws when you have the conveniences of home to retreat to each evening, or whenever you feel like getting away. It also makes it easy to spend quality time with the people you love.

The Waves


Laguna Beach, CA

The old days of the Surfer Vans are still alive and well, but there are other options. It’s never been easier to bring the comforts of home to the beach, walk out and hit some waves before coming back to enjoy time with friends and family.

If you’re going to be capturing some epic footage from the water, you’ll be happy to know that when you’re battery dies you can grab a freshly charged one back at the RV.


The Forest


Olympic National Park

Getting lost in the forest (not literally) is one of our favorite things to do when we explore new areas. Finding great trails that take us deep into the woods to explore off the beaten path.

It’s also great for kids to explore the great outdoors by walking through a forest. Taking in the smells, sounds and sights of nature. hurricane-ridge-7

The Hiking


Sedona, AZ

Hiking is one of those universal activities that you can enjoy all over the country and at any skill level. In fact, much of the most scenic spots in the country are very accessible.

If you’re new to hiking in an area do your research online and it’s always a good idea to talk to a local expert. Beautiful places are all over, get out and find your paradise of the moment.


The Bikingsiesta-key-58

This country is full of fantastic biking trails. RVs are great for transporting bikes with racks and toy haulers.

Much like hiking, a quick google search of where you’re at and you’ll find trails all over the place and at all levels. We love that you can find a variety of the trails from city riding to tackling a mountain. mpls-52

The Foliagedsc_0174_tonemapped2

One of the most magical times of the year is the fall. The woods become rich with colors and light. We make sure that whatever area of the country we’re in, we look online at the foliage reports to see when the leaves will be peaking.

Make sure you get outdoors around sunrise or sunset to see the colors really light up around your campsite.

The Racesgrass-drags-56

When like-minded people get together, it usually ends up in a really good time. One of the craziest RV Groups I’ve ever seen was at the Snowmobile Grass Drags in Princeton, Minnesota.

They fly down the track at hair raising speeds WITHOUT ANY SNOW! Then after a full day of racing, everybody gets together to eat, drink and dance the night away.

So that’s our list of some reasons you NEED to RV. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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