Everyone Should Sleep in the Yard

If you aren’t camping in the yard, you’re missing out on a world of fun! No seriously; Yamping (Yard Camping) turns a regular day into a creative adventure. So why would you camp in the yard? Here are a few reasons why we Yamp like Champs.

A Pit Stop waveland-ms-38

One time we were heading across the southern border of the USA from California to Florida. We had a really close friend that lived directly on our route.

They invited us to Yamp in their driveway for a few days a few blocks from the Gulf of Mexico. One of my favorite things is when you have all the conveniences of home right there both parties are able to relax more because there’s less stress on the hosts. You have everything you need a few steps away. At any time if there’s anything we need, our home is in the driveway (coffee creamer).

Yamp before you Campprinceton-197

At the beginning of every camping season, it’s common sense that you should make sure everything works before heading out on some wilderness adventure. Especially if you’ve had any repairs or upgrades in the “off-season”.

Use this time to get the family out yamping and playing games. Have a no electronics night or a campfire in the yard. Make sure every part of the RV is in working order while you’re having a Yamping adventure in your own yard.

The In-Lawsde-summer-67

Possibly the best part about RV Travel is the fact that when you visit your in-laws you can easily duck out back to the comforts of your home on wheels. Totally kidding, we love our in-laws. In fact, they installed RV Hookups to entice us to prolong our visits with their grandbaby…

Whatever your reason for camping in the yard, cherish and explore the wonderful world of Yamping!


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  1. Great ideas! Of course, not having HOA restrictions against RVs would improve the Yamping situation 🙂 So we do our “tune-up” at a campground close to home.
    I love that your in-laws installed RV hookups! Sounds like Yamping is win-win when you visit them.

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