Glamping 101: Groceries, Tires and Taco Bell Delivered to Your Campsite

Have you ever been at your campsite and needed to go grocery shopping or had a craving for a specific restaurant but didn’t want to leave the campground? We were faced with two situations that caused us to lean on the new wave of home delivery, to our RV!

Scenario #1: Grocery Shopping

Have you ever needed to go grocery shopping but you just didn’t want to take the time or have the energy? You really need some cheese dip for the Doritos that are sitting in front of you but you only have bean dip left, not cool. Time to use the local grocery stores app and order that cheese dip to be delivered to your RV.

In our scenario I was putting in long hours and catching up on work from traveling across the country.

Danielle didn’t have the energy because she was feeling run down from her pregnancy.

Solution: Have the grocery store deliver to your RV!

Vons has a program where they will deliver if you’re within range so we had the pleasure of getting our groceries delivered directly to our RV.

Scenario #2: Dog Grooming

Most people have limited time off of work. Do you want to spend that time running errands like getting your dog groomed?

Or would you rather spend that time tossing out a line into a gorgeous body of water trying to reel in the big one from your campsite as your dogs are being perfectly groomed directly at your campsite?

Solution: A mobile dog groomer that comes to your RV!

This instance we had a mobile groomer visit us while in Advance, NC at the Thousand Trails RV Resort.

Scenario #3: Tires


What an inconvenience to walk out and realize you have a flat tire. How are you going to get this handled? Are you going to drive on a flat to get it repaired which could easily cause a 17 car pileup?

Well luckily there are some Tire Repair services that will come directly to your campground AND have a great stockpile of tires for your RV.

This is usually the case when you’re camping in very popular areas such as when we were in Florida at the Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort. It was so close to Disney that you can hear the fireworks at night. Mix this with the snowbirds in the winter and you’ve got yourself a bustling camping area.

Solution: One phone call we were able to get a knowledgeable technician out who serviced us in a short amount of time.

We highly recommend the Tire Brigade in the greater Orlando area.

Scenario #4: The Pregnant Cravings

Would you like to be pregnant, swollen and bloated and then have to battle through traffic to go stand in a long line next to loud kids jumping around and bumping into you?

Or would you rather just pick up your phone and put in an order for your craving?

For us this wasn’t our first time having a baby in an RV. Well ok we didn’t actually HAVE the baby in the RV, we went to a hospital. However she never had cravings in round one.

This round things were different… This particular instance she had a craving for Taco Bell and she wanted it BAD!

I was under the gun to get a work project completed within 5 hours so I wasn’t in a position to take the time to leave. Ella (our 1 year old) needed to be put down and Danielle didn’t feel in the mood to head anywhere.

Solution: Have whatever you’re craving be delivered to you RV!

We had Uber Eats send some Taco Bell directly to our RV. It’s never been better to slam a burrito down the hatch as when we didn’t have to leave our home to go get it.

Scenario #5: Auto Detail

If you are in need of some detailing for your tow vehicle while you’re camping; would you rather cancel on the next cornhole tournament to bring it in or would you rather have an auto detailer take care of your investment while you crush everyone and take home the gold?

For us, we just happened to have extremely friendly neighbors. While we were RVing in Florida we were parked next to the full time RV family Finding Our Someday. Check out their Instagram, dude’s got mad drone skills.

We have a terrible problem with our headlights looking foggy.


Solution: Have friendly RV neighbors!

He has a lot of experience the detail business and had his tools in his truck so he was gracious enough to give us a much needed clean up job on our mirrors.

Look at the incredible difference of the before and after on our truck. Now we’ll be able to see all the deer in Minnesota this summer.



Are there any glamping tips you would add to the list? Share them in the comments.

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