How To Watch Football In An RV

It’s FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Being a hardcore Minnesota Vikings fan, full-time traveling has made it a bit of a challenge to watch their games. Not for the same reason as it’s been a challenge to watch a Cleveland Browns game, but because the Vikings games might not be available in our RV when we travel.

If we’re in another area of the country, they’re going to be playing their local team.


So how do we watch our favorite NFL team while we travel in an RV?

It’s easy when it becomes playoff season, because the Vikings are beasts and of course going to make the playoffs and probably going to win the Super Bowl this year… BUT during the regular season, we’ve found a few ways that have worked for us to be able to catch (pun intended) the game while traveling in an RV.

Stay Local

RV w Newborn (21)Yes, this may be extreme, but if you’re a crazy fan, you might want to stay local and tailgate from your RV. Depending on the stadium and what type of rig you have, you may be able to tailgate at the stadium; otherwise, you can always do it at the campground. You’ll be able to watch your games on TV locally.

Last year, we were hunkered down in my hometown to have Baby Ava, and it was during football season, so we were able to catch all the Vikings Games from our regular RV Antenna! Check out this pic I found of my 8th-grade football team. I’m #28, STUD!

Princeton (158)

Get Satellite With The NFL Package

Cottonwood AZ (25)Most big-time football fans get the NFL Sunday Ticket so they can catch all the games they want and skip the ones they don’t care about. Hard to beat full control over your football experience.

Dish for RVers has fairly advanced technology, and in most cases, people aren’t strapping dishes to the top of their RV anymore. They set it up on a stand when they get to the campsite. Make sure you put something outside to represent your team.

Watch National Games

North Myrtle Beach (41)If your team is good, odds are they will be on nationally once in a while. Sunday night football, Thursday night and Monday night football is often going to be available at campgrounds in their rec area with the local cable provider.

When we were at the North Myrtle Beach RV Resort, we watched the Super Bowl last year.

Princeton (139)

Visit A Sports Bar/Restaurant

This was our favorite thing to do before we had kids. It gave us an excuse to go on a date at a random sports bar. Often this also brings a fun crowd of like-minded people.

Now, if you’re going to an area that has a big following of their local team, you may have to ask if they can turn a specific TV to the game you want to watch.

Cottonwood AZ (41)

Don’t worry if they won’t play the audio: TuneIn Radio is a FREE app on your phone that has changed our lives forever. We were struggling to watch the Vikings one time in Southern CA. They were playing the game, but we couldn’t hear the audio. The owner of the company happened to be at the bar that day and suggested we give it a try –GAME CHANGER!

All you have to do is point your phone at the TV you want to listen to and then BAM!! It starts playing the audio on your phone. So pop in your headphones and tune out the crowd cheering for a different game in that local area and enjoy your team scoring those touchdowns.

Now that we have kids, this has been a bigger challenge for us, because we’re careful of the type of environment we put them in, and they won’t last throughout the game. We compromise by hanging out together for a meal at a family-friendly sports bar/restaurant, then, when the kids get crazy, Danielle will take them shopping or something (she’s a Vikings fan but not a crazy fan like me).

Watch It At The Campground Rec Center

Many campgrounds will have a spot for you to watch TV in the rec room. It can be a great way to enjoy the game with like-minded people. Sometimes, like this instance when we were at the Pio Pico RV Resort near San Diego, you’re able to get a large crowd of campers cheering on their team. Sometimes, however, you’ll be the only person and have it all to yourself.

Visit Friends/Family

P Town (192)If you know of a friend or family member who is nearby who will be playing the game, go ahead and invite yourself over. Just remember to bring the Cool Ranch Doritos!

Bring a football too: that way you can convince everyone to head outside and play a game of your own! One of the games my brothers and I like to play is a game we made up as kids called “Offense and Defense”.

It’s simple; someone is the quarterback, one receiver, and one defensive back. Then get after it!

Those are the ways we’ve been able to catch the games while traveling in an RV. Besides going to the game, is there something we missed that allows RVers to watch your favorite teams play?


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