DENIED at The Forest Lake RV Resort in Advance, NC

There was a fluke major storm that rolled in and covered the campground with ice the day before we were scheduled to arrive. The campground called us and let us know nobody was getting in and out due to the icy road to get into the RV Resort.

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Since we had a new baby and had gotten back to the RV after visiting Danielle’s family we weren’t fully packed and ready for Boondocking. We made a last minute decision to get a hotel. I called to see if they had parking available for our RV and luckily they did! In fact, oddly enough we weren’t the only RVer who parked and stayed at the hotel that night.

It sure looked funny to be having breakfast in the hotel and seeing our massive 5th wheel directly outside the window lol.

We Finally Got In The Campground

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The Forest Lake RV Resort in Advance, NC is a beautiful place in a rural area. Our RV was backed right up to the private and stocked lake. That’s one of our favorite things about RVing is the ability to have waterfront property so easily.

When your daily view is so scenic, it’s easy to pop outside when the sunrise, sunset, clouds or lighting makes your view it a little extra special.

North Carolina (3)It’s a great campground to head out and take daily walks. The road isn’t paved and has some hills so make sure you use a baby carrier or jogging stroller with the little ones.

North Carolina (88)Stop by the lodge as it has a variety of things to keep the family occupied. To change my surroundings I worked here a couple of days. North Carolina (82)North Carolina (83)We don’t rely upon or even check the campground wifi anymore. We bring Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T and found the cell service to be good here which is important for our business (and for the kid’s screen time).

North Carolina (10)Of course, Ella loves a good campground playground. She tries to make it a daily activity…North Carolina (86)Some of the sites are historical landmarks like this Tobacco Barn from way back in the day! There’s no better way to experience history than to park next to it for a vacation. North Carolina (90)As always, we love a good campfire outside of our 5th wheel!North Carolina (45)I found the roads at the campground to be perfect for Mountain Biking. There’s also a beautiful hiking and biking trail that goes along the Yadkin River that we enjoyed. North Carolina (48)


Local Things To Do

Advance North Carolina is centrally located from a few metro areas which give it prime rural real estate. It’s an easy day trip to visit Charlotte, Winston/Salem, and Greensboro.

North Carolina (26)There are a number of Wineries in the area. Most notably Childress Winery just down the road. Most of them are very rural in beautiful settings.


Randomly Danielle was looking for a bottle of wine for Valentine’s Day and we found some Jason-Stephens Wine. We camped next to this winery in Central California on the Silicon Valley Wine Trail.

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Looking For A House

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One of the things we’ve continued to do as we travel is to look at real estate and housing. It’s been interesting to compare and contrast what we find as we eventually will settle down with a home base (we don’t know when).

We took a weekend trip down to South Carolina near the coast to look at some properties and meet with some potential builders after EXTENSIVE online research.

This was one of the properties in South Carolina that we highly considered making a move on. It ShoreLooksNice but ultimately we ended up continuing our search elsewhere.

Stay At Home Traveling Mom


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Danielle’s a stay at home traveling Mom. She’s mastered researching good kid-friendly activities or events to give them the experiences, education and social interaction they need!

Sometimes that means going to local libraries, science museums, children centers, zoos and so much more!

North Carolina (51)Although whenever she needs a break Zoey comes in to give Ella all the attention she needs.

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Dog Groomer at the Campground

While we were here we needed to get our dogs a haircut. In an attempt to save time, we had a mobile dog groomer come out to the RV Resort and give them a fantastic hair cut experience! I was able to work in the RV while they got their haircuts.


Working at the Campground

We like to mix up where we work in AND out of the RV. I often will work on nice days from the picnic table.

North Carolina (188)When I’m making sales calls I like to be standing. I’ll usually set up a temporary office on the kitchen island.

North Carolina (127)This is Danielle’s office space but with her only working 1-2 days a month we are about to make some changes.

North Carolina (162)Speaking of working… While we were here we went to the Charlotte RV Show at the Convention Center and met up with one of our clients Bill Plemmons RV!


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