San Diego RV Resort Review

If you are looking for a sunny 72-degree day on the west coast, the San Diego RV Resort delivers everything you need to have a big city or beach adventure in your RV.

The San Diego RV Resort

It’s located just a little bit inland in a bustling area. Plenty of entertainment, food and outdoor options nearby. Of course, the big city of San Diego and all it has to offer is a big attraction.

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Landscaping at the RV Resort is nice and there are nice hikes nearby. There’s a lake you can hike around just down the road. The Wifi is very strong for At&t, Sprint, and Verizon so you’re able to plow through some work.

If you’re looking to lounge around and relax or get a non-abrasive workout in, they have a heated pool for you to enjoy sunny California.

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Staying Fit While RVing

It’s too rare to find free weights in RV Resorts and Campgrounds. This one has them! They have a variety of state of the art equipment as well as outdoor activities like swimming in the BEAUTIFUL heated pool!

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Another reason we’ve noticed that it’s been easy for us to stay healthy is with the limited space of the RV, we’re always near healthy options and we’ve made it easy to snack. Danielle set up a sort of snack bar for us in our kitchen. I keep some free weights in the RV to work my muscles when the Resort doesn’t have a gym.

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Camping at the Station

If you’re like us you often dread having to drive downtown to enjoy a big city when you have a dually truck. Often it’s very challenging to find parking and can also be expensive.

This RV Resort has access to the Metro Train that takes you to the beach or into the big city! Not only is getting to your destination great, but it’s an adventure to ride the train all by itself!

We enjoyed watching the trains zip by the RV. SD Area Trip (2)

Mission Bay Bike Ride

mission Bay

Mission Bay has a trail that goes around in a nice 19-mile loop. There are rental shops but if you’re an RVer who brings their bikes, it’s a short drive to one of the parking lots to bring your bike.

We use the WeeRide kid’s seat on our bikes. We’ve used them for years with multiple kids and highly recommend it.


It’s a beautiful bike ride. Smooth and safe with virtually no gain in elevation. You’ll pass by a few RV Parks and even Sea World.

If you visit during the spring this ride will provide you some incredible displays of wildflowers. The ride explodes with color.

Downtown San Diego

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Keep your vehicle parked at the campsite and jump on the train while it comes silently passed the campground and head on downtown. There are a few hotspots of Downtown like Little Italy but the Gaslamp District is the main downtown area. The train stops directly where this photo was taken near the convention center.

We headed to The Spaghetti Factory to load up on pasta! Then headed to an event that was going on in Little Italy before hopping back on the train and heading back home in the RV.

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Community Events

The RV Resort holds community events for its campers. Things like this breakfast prepared by fellow campers. They’re great ways to connect with some like-minded people and often neighbors. We’ve made some incredible friends over the years at Potlucks!

San Diego Things To Do

There’s a lot of options when it comes to entertainment. In fact pretty much whatever experience you want to have, you can have it in or near San Diego.

Danielle got a month pass to Sea World to show the kids marine life up and close while I was working during the day.


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The Beaches

Of course, the best part of the area are the beaches (mixed with the perfect weather). Catch some waves, watch some surfers, eat at a waterfront restaurant or just walk the beautiful beach. Just make sure you get out and live life!

Here’s a video of another RV Trip we’ve taken to San Diego that covers other things to do that we didn’t do this trip. Often we try to do different experiences when we revisit areas unless it was an activity that blew our minds.

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  1. 70 degrees and sunshine? No thank you…I’ll just sit here all skirted up in our motorhome in 26 and snow in Lake Elmo MN. Agh!!!

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