19 Reasons to Camp at the Beach

If you asked yourself why you enjoy camping at the Beach I bet you’d have a few hot buttons that pop into your mind. Maybe some experiences come up in your mind that you enjoyed years ago.

Different strokes for different folks couldn’t be more true for RV Camping. With countless reasons to want to camp at the beach we wanted to highlight some of the common ones we’ve seen over the years.

Turning Off the Sound Machine

Are you a light sleeper and use a sound machine to assist you in your slumber? Park close enough to the ocean and the waves will take you to the deep end of your slumber. The birds chirping in the morning letting you know it’s time to get out and enjoy some ocean breeze.

Horseback Riding

Riding off into the sand on the sunset could be your experience. How’s that for a non-typical weekend activity? There’s some campgrounds that offer spaces for you to bring your horses along with on your vacation. However in most popular camping destinations you’ll find outfitters to offer guided rides with a local outfitter.


Searching for that beach treasure is so much fun! Whether you’re looking for shark teeth, sea shells, driftwood, or some other rare artifact that floats up on the beach; it’s always an adventure. They’re fun to keep as keepsakes and utilize shells for projects with the kids when you get back home.

Take a Long Walk

Romance is never dead when you’re RVing to the ocean. Pick a time when the beach is empty (sunrise) and walk along with your significant other (or yourself) and enjoy a long therapeutic walk.

Get in the Water

If you’re RVing to the ocean it makes a lot of sense to get in the ocean and play around. There’s so many water activities that put a smile on RVers faces but just getting out and enjoying the feeling of the salt water is a beautiful joy.

In the Pool Watching the Ocean

If the water is a little cold or rough just head on over to the heated pool. That way you can soak your body with the warm water while soaking in the beautiful ocean view.

Play Bocce Ball

It doesn’t have to specifically be Bocce Ball but have something that you enjoy doing so you can easily play a round or 8 with your friends & family.

Spend Time with Grandkids, Then Give Them Back

Relaxing while your grandkids splash happily in the shallow water or play in the sand is a deeply nourishing experience for a lot of grandparents. The best part might be that you can return them to their parents when they’re tired or hungry.

Chase the Rainbow

When something extra-ordinary happens like a rainbow forms, jump up and run on over. It could be the moment you’ve been waiting for to take your breath away.

Walk the Boardwalk

If you’ve ever been to a good boardwalk, you know it’s a good time. Often you’ll find RVers walking early in the mornings for exercise before the crowds hit. Another perk of this is you’re able to scope out the shops, restaurants and things that you’d like to come back and visit when things are open.

Watch the Sunrise/Sunset

What would an Ocean RV Trip without a good sunrise/sunset? That’s when the golden hours come together for lighting. Mix the great lighting with the mist that often comes off the ocean and it can have a special feel of awe in the air as the sun comes up or gets ready to disappear into the night.

Make Jelly Fish Art

One of my personal favorite things to do is to make random art on the beach. It won’t last long as the tide is coming in so go ahead and get creative.

Walk Out on a Pier

Standing above the rippling ocean far below is such a cool experience. If you have kids, the wonder of looking below through the wood and spotting people and birds is enough fun for the day!

Some of the good piers have restaurants, live music, great fishing and AMAZING views.

Get a Refreshment

Splurge on yourself once in awhile. If a frozen lemonade stand happens to wander right in front of where you’re lounging at the campground’s beach, you might as well have some!

Build a Sand Castle

There are unlimited variations of sand castles that can be built. That’s crazy to think about. As creative as your mind can get, you can create. If you’ve watched some professional sand castle builders in person or on TV it’s impressive. However it’s art so the goal is to have fun so create whatever feels good for you, even if it looks terrible lol.

Do Nothing and Love It

The art of doing nothing can and has been mastered many times at the campground. If you’re looking to get involved in this relaxing sport you’ll be happy to hear there’s no qualifications to join.


Hungry for a healthy meal of fresh fish? Maybe you like to let them SLAM your line and the sport of catch & release is your thing? Fishing can be a great way to reconnect with nature.

Go Boating

With so many great boating options, it’s a no-brainer to get out there and enjoy the ocean from a boat.

Bond with Your Kids

One of the best joys in life is to bond with your children. Time at the beach gives them wonder and joy and you’re able to experience it along side them.

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