RV Show & RV Sales Event Ads for Social Media Marketing

We’re having another great year driving traffic for our RV Dealership clients to their local RV Show or RV Sales Event. Over the last 9 years of creating ads for RV Shows & RV Dealership Sales Events we’ve learned A LOT about what works and equally as important, what doesn’t work about social media ads in the RV Industry.

Here are 3 examples of RV Shows or Sales Event ads that have performed well for us this year. Keep in mind the ad creative is just one aspect of an effective campaign, you have to have the targeting dialed in etc…

Before The RV Show

We like to build up some marketing hype in the locally targeted area before an event starts. These are best done in conjunction with organic posts onto their social media platforms. In this example we’re using a Facebook Video ad with a variety of placements to drive traffic for our client. We were providing 1,000 impressions to a highly targeted audience at just $1.45 (CPM).

During The RV Show

During the show we’re hitting people with ads that have higher weight on taking action NOW. You’ll notice this is a video ad for an RV Dealership but it’s important to diversify your placements so we utilize similar image ads to be cohesive with the videos.

After The RV Show

This is a great time to target people who would have liked to attend the show but weren’t available or they may not have even known about the event at all.

Some people were at the show and are still on the fence about purchasing and we encourage them to take action NOW. We were providing 1,000 impressions to a highly targeted audience at just $1.80 (CPM).

We continue to see RV Dealerships increase their budgets for social media ads as dealerships realize their effectiveness. If this is an area you’d like to see some improvement on we’d love to run some successful ad campaigns for you. Let me know what show/event/sale you’re looking to promote and we’ll dive into how we can get the results you’re looking for.

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