How Do I sell my used rv?

Have you ever wondered “what’s the best way to sell my used camper” and looked into how to sell a used RV? We work within the RV Industry and have personally gone through the process of selling our used RV so we wanted to provide some insight to others like yourself if you’re wondering “How do I sell my used RV”.

What are the Options to Sell a Used RV?

As with most things in life, selling a used RV isn’t a once size fits all type thing. Your goal may be to sell it quickly, without hassle and you’re willing to sacrifice on price. Maybe your goal is to hold out for the right price or you’re willing to put in a bunch of work into selling it to get the top dollar value.

Whatever the reason for wanting to sell your RV, if the road for your situation isn’t clear you need to know your options so you identify how to sell your RV in a timely fashion and how to get the best price for your used camper.

How to Find the Value Of My Used RV?

The first thing you may find yourself wondering is “what’s the value of my RV”? If you’re wondering what you should list your used RV for the type of sale you desire, we suggest 3 universal options.

  1. Check on the Nada website which is the kelly blue book for RVs.
  2. Have a company like National Vehicle do an in-depth valuation for you. Click here to get a FREE-Valuation on your RV.
  3. Check online for similar units that are available for sale and compare/contrast to get a rough estimate.

Where Can I Sell My RV?

1. Sell to a Private Buyer

This can be a great option when you’re ready to sell your RV. Often this route can get you the most amount of money, but that’s because often there’s quite a bit of work involved.

Think about it like the money you’re saving by selling it yourself, is your commission for the work you put in to find the prospect and sell to them. You’ll have to have a conversation with yourself to analyze what your time is worth, see if that value lines up with the sale you’re trying to make.

What Work is Involved in Selling Your RV Privately?

It’s time to prep the camper to be able to put it up for sale. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in.

Pro Tip: Go Yamping (Yard Camping) to ensure everything’s working properly in your RV. It’s a great way to inspect, repair, clean your RV but it can also a lot of fun for the family!

Start that off by removing all your “flair” or stuff that you’ve accumulated over the years.

You’ll need to give it a deep clean. Dive into the cracks, crevices, fans and corners that don’t usually (or ever) get cleaned up.

Staging the RV is important. Make it looks and feels like something that people can visualize themselves having a great time both inside and out.

Once you’ve gotten it all buttoned up to sell you need to find a buyer to sell to. Let’s break down some of the common ways to the marketing aspect of selling your used RV.

Marketing Your Used RV To A Private Buyer

Marketing is simple (not easy), you want to place your unit in front of the person who’s a potential buyer. Here’s a few common ways RVers achieve that goal.

  • RV Trader, RVT, RV USA and a few other websites are fairly common online sites that people utilize when selling their used RV. For a fee you’re able to go into their software and enter in all the information of your unit and post your ad. They get the traffic of potential buyers so it can work. One of the common complaints of many RVers is that it can be a challenge to figure out the software for non-online savvy individuals. Another challenge is figuring out which one is best, the answer would be to expose yourself on all the platforms but then you’re paying all of them and figuring out all of the online platforms. That can be a lot of work…
  • Ebay is another good option as far as a tried and true platform to sell used recreational vehicles.
  • Facebook Marketplace has become a larger player in this space recently. One of the main benefits is that it’s free and Facebook already has the traffic of people to see your unit organically. Keep in mind with any of these online platforms that once you turn on the campaign you need to be in a position to work the leads/calls coming in.
  • National Vehicle is an online company that utilizes all of the websites listed above for you, resulting in a sale to a private buyer.
  • Word of Mouth the traditional way is a tried and true method. Still effective if you expose yourself to a lot of qualified prospects.
  • Guerilla Marketing is a term for non-traditional forms of marketing. An example could be parking at an event that fits the psycho graphics of the type of individual who would use the type of unit you’re selling at said event.
    If you had a toy hauler and are at an off-road event and put a for sale sign out at your campsite.
    Maybe you’ll be camping at a local county or state fair. Get a spot near the porta-potty and put a sign up that says “If you owned this RV you would have a clean bathroom, call xxx for details”.

2. Let Someone Sell the RV For You (Broker)

For a lot of people this is the easiest way to sell your RV.

Imagine you want to sell your RV; you understand the power of selling a used RV online and want to take on that monumental task of figuring out the right steps.

The good news is that there is a company that will “take the wheel” for you to avoid taking the time and hassle of the many things (and more) that we mentioned earlier.

Be Safe

We all want to be safe and if you’re going at it alone, you’re dealing with the general public which always has an elevated risk level, especially today. And if you’re marketing on those online websites are effective you’ll be fielding a lot of leads/people.

Save Time

Anyone who has kids knows that time is fleeting. It takes a lot of time to:

  • Learn online web portals/services
  • Figure out the technical aspect of posting ads
  • Write the creative aspect of ads to get one to perform, and managing the leads

When you utilize a company like National Vehicle, you’re having all the steps laid out for you. Which is a huge time saver. It’s also invaluable to know with confidence the next steps to sell your used RV.

That way you can spend more time doing things you love (like cooking in your RV) instead of frustrating yourself by spreading yourself so thin.

Save Money

As mentioned earlier, selling to a private buyer will in most cases yield you the most money back in your pocket to continue to take beautiful vacations.

You’ll also save on the cost of ad placement as they utilize their expertise/systems on the platforms to maximize the results of your online used RV ads.

3. Gift It to Someone in Need

There’s a lot of great reasons to be compelled to gift a used RV to someone.

Do you know of a family who has a kid with a sport or interest but needs to travel often that could use an RV to make that dream come true?

What about a family who’s had a natural disaster strike and they need a place to stay during the rebuilding stage?

4. Keep It & Repurpose or Restore

Restored RVs are amazing. They bring back classic beauty and a sense of nostalgia. We follow a few RV Restoration pages on Instagram and it’s fun to see how creative people can get in bringing back an older camper.

Repurposing a used RV is like art, you never know what somebody is going to create with it. Like this camper converted into a fish house near my hometown in Minnesota.

5. Sell or Trade-In to an RV Dealership

This can be an easy route and a great option for many who are looking to upgrade/downgrade their RV. Probably the best benefit is you don’t have to do a deep cleaning of your RV! The downside is of course you’ll end up getting less money for your used RV.

Pro Tip: Don’t rely on the dealership to be the only one to put a value on your RV. When you meet with them you want to already know the value of your RV and see how their offer compares. Click Here to get a FREE Valuation on your used RV.

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