Why is Blogging so Important for RV Dealerships?

This is Why Blogging Is Effective For Leads Right Now. I recently identified a trend in our industry that will have a big impact on our industry’s sales in 2024. In the past 5 years most dealerships who blog, have stopped. Yet blogging for RV Dealerships is more effective in getting leads than ever (if done correctly).

If you’re not familiar with how it works, here’s the quickest breakdown; when we blog for a dealership or a campground we use specific keywords of units, type of units or things about your dealership so that when someone is looking for an RV in your area, you’ll come up in the top 3 spots in their google search.

3 main reasons dealerships have stopped blogging:

  1. The main reason dealerships have stopped blogging is it’s gotten expensive to hire experienced RV Travel Bloggers who are good at blogging for dealerships. We are rare.
  2. Marketing firms and inexperienced bloggers saw highly experienced bloggers like myself earning a much higher rate.  Many then raised their pricing to match their competition and falsely believed that was the value of their product. It’s not. It created what I feel was/is an inflation of the RV Blogging market.
    I’ve been blogging as well as analyzing other blogging within the RV Industry for over 10 years and one of the things I’ve learned is if someone doesn’t have the skillset to get results (impressions, leads, customers, etc) it’s not worth much. The old saying of “if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense” holds true to blogging.
    A common example is of a “camping recipe” blog post. It won’t generate any leads and is a waste of marketing dollars. You could make it work if you made it about “Top 2024 5th Wheels with great kitchens to bake Tator Tot Hotdish”, and then work in the keywords of those units with nice images of the RV Kitchens into the blog post.
  3. Social media ads such as Facebook are effective and get an instant result. Once the campaign is over, it’s over. Blogging is just as effective, it usually takes around 3 months to see significant results. The results however, are longstanding.

Here’s why this is so important; due to the fact that there are so few dealerships blogging right now and the majority of the blogs out there aren’t doing a good job of bringing in leads, it leaves A HUGE opportunity for RV Dealerships to dominate keywords of units through effective blogging in their local/regional area.

I studied Ai (artificial intelligence) and figured it out! I’m able to take the best of what RV Travel Bloggers can do, mixed with the latest Ai technology and write better blogs in a fraction of the time!

That allows me to help dealerships get leads from blogging at a VERY reasonable rate.

I’m offering to write you 5 custom SEO (search engine optimized) blogs for just $249.

These are written from RVers for RVers. All the lifestyle images in the blogs are 100% authentic RV Content. We’ve been writing blogs exclusively for the RV Industry for over 10 years and are ready to get to work blogging for you.

If you’re wondering if blogging works do a google search for “RV Social Media Marketing” or “RV Social Media” and you’ll see Shorelooksnice in the top 3 spots of your google search results (after the sponsored ads at the top).

I’ll write the blogs for you and send them in an online folder. All you need to do is have whoever handles your website to copy and paste the blogs under a “blog” tab which they can easily create if you don’t have one.

As a bonus, any lifestyle content that we include in the blog we will send to you for you to repurpose on Facebook or Instagram. That’s $99 of added value.

At Shorelooksnice we have a team of RV Travelers working hard for our RV Dealership clients to generate leads through blogging and other marketing options. Click here to learn a bit more about how we market for RV Dealerships and companies within the RV Industry.

What do you say? Are you ready for us to get you leads through your blog?

Happy Camping,

Eric Hannan – RV Travel Blogger



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