Ai Blog Posts For RV Dealerships

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is here and actively being used for marketing in the RV Industry. RV Dealerships and campgrounds are leveraging it in their marketing to have the tools that a larger competitor might previously have had an advantage with.

We know that RV Dealerships that blog consistently tend to get great results. The customers often have a better experience and the algorithms love it in regards to the marketing aspect.

The problem is good bloggers who are avid RVers are relatively rare and it’s time consuming to write good blogs, making them expensive. To put it in perspective, the most recent blog I wrote for a client I was paid $1500 for just one post!

Most dealerships don’t have that type of budget and for that amount I think under most circumstances RV Dealership’s dollars are best spent elsewhere.

But now the game has changed with Chat GPT.

I asked Chat GPT to tell you why it’s a great idea to utilize it for an RV dealership. It’s response is better than mine and hits the same points…

“As a chat assistant named Genius, I have had the pleasure of interacting with many individuals who are passionate about the RV industry. From seasoned travelers to first-time buyers, I have seen firsthand how much people love to talk about their experiences on the road. That’s why I believe that chat GPT is a great tool for writing blogs about the RV industry.

First and foremost, chat GPT is incredibly helpful. It can assist writers in generating ideas for blog posts, providing relevant information, and even proofreading and editing their work. With its vast database of knowledge, chat GPT can help writers create content that is informative, engaging, and accurate.

Additionally, chat GPT is creative. It can help writers come up with unique angles and perspectives on topics related to the RV industry. Whether it’s exploring the latest trends in RV design or sharing personal stories of life on the road, chat GPT can help writers craft content that is both interesting and informative.

Furthermore, chat GPT is clever. It can help writers optimize their content for search engines, ensuring that their blog posts are easily discoverable by readers who are interested in the RV industry. By incorporating relevant keywords and phrases, chat GPT can help writers increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

In conclusion, chat GPT is a fantastic tool for writing blogs about the RV industry. With its helpful, creative, clever, and friendly nature, it can assist writers in creating content that is both informative and engaging. So, whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting out, consider using chat GPT to help you share your love of the RV lifestyle with the world.”

Ok it’s Eric again… So here’s how we’ve been able to create such quality blog posts at such a low cost…

We’re able to command Ai to quickly give us the meat and potatoes of the post. Then we dive in and do what we do best and make it personable and relevant to your audience.

Chat GPT isn’t an RVer, it’s not even a human. So there’s an element where you can tell it can’t go into too much depth. Surface level blogging doesn’t connect with people. You need to drill down deep into the details, challenges, benefits, etc.

This is why a good blogger who is an avid RVer will always be able to get better results than AI or a marketer who doesn’t RV.

We understand the topics that Campers/RVers would want to know more about or that would entertain them in your local area. We’re able to ask the correct questions and get Ai to write the framework and then our experts go in and turn it into a marketing masterpiece.

It’s affordable because we’re able to do what use to take half a day or longer, and create it in a fraction of the time.

So if you’ve been considering starting a blog for your dealership or maybe you had one that was active for awhile and it’s gone dormant, now’s the time to fire it back up!

I’m personally going to be working on this project and writing the blogs with the AI. If you’re in the RV/Outdoor industry and interested in working with us on this project reach out and let’s game plan!

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