A Man doesn’t grow a Beard, a Beard grows a Man.

We probably all know people who grew a beard in the fall. My brother Mike has had a beard for many years and I’ve always marveled at the concept of growing a beard. I faced the question “Beard or No Beard” for too long. For years I’ve had the “few days old” shave look, but now it was time for the BEARD! Read More

I headed out to Pinnacles National Park for sunrise while we were staying at the Thousand Trails San Benito RV Resort. I’ve been here before and you can check out my first experience to this wonderland by clicking here.

Pinnacles is the most recent addition to the National Park system. All of the National Parks I’ve visited have taken my breathe away and this is no exception. From caving with bats to relaxing at the reservoir, Pinnacles NP is a must visit location.

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My wife’s favorite time of the year is the winter Holiday Season. I’ve learned as a husband not to fight the fact that she is going to put me to work hanging garland, lights and putting bulbs on the tree (happy wife = happy life). Well this year the time came when Danielle let me know it was time to hang up the decorations. I did a happy dance because all of our Christmas decorations are in a storage unit and I thought I was in the clear… I was building my case that it wouldn’t make sense to replace all of our expensive decorations for the RV and then throw them away because it costs a good amount of money. It also doesn’t make sense to re-buy everything and then haul it around in the RV the rest of the year. Her solution was (drum roll please…) the dollar store! Read More

Tomales Bay separates Point Reyes National Seashore from the mainland of Marin County, CA. The entire area is absolutely beautiful.

Oyster farming is a major industry on the bay. In fact there are a lot of Oyster companies that you can eat fresh oysters right on the beach! I didn’t know a lot about oysters before this meal, in fact I knew nothing other than they come from the ocean. Something I found interesting is that there are different types of oysters with very different taste based on which area of the bay they are harvested in. Some come from more brackish water, some are out in the Pacific, some are in very calm water. Read More

Dillon Beach, CA

When Danielle and I got married over two years ago; we were given a gift of a complimentary stay at one of my good friend and mentor’s Vacation 8-11-12-271-1-2Rentals in Dillon Beach, CA. Life gets busy and it seemed each time we had availability it was rented out (I’m not surprised at the availability, the views were out of this world)! Living the RV life has given us the flexibility we needed to make this happen. We joke that living in an RV we are constantly on vacation so this was a nice vacation from our vacation. Danielle’s parents joined us since it was Danielle’s Birthday week. Read More

Coast Distribution is a major player in the RV Industry. They provide parts to many of the RV Dealerships around the country. They partnered up with Thousand Trails to work on getting an RV Cable TV Show put together. It’s called the “Open Road Home”

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The PCH is such an iconic American Highway for good reason. We had the great experience of driving up the PCH from San Francisco to Point Reyes Seashore. This road reminded me of the Big Sur area. Read More

Gilroy Farmers Market

Gilroy California is the Garlic Capital of the World. What this means is that you drive into the town and get this great Garlic Aroma filling your RV. A great place to buy fresh food in town is the Gilroy Farmers Market. It’s right in town but not in a crazy busy area. Read More

We had the pleasant surprise when we first pulled our RV into Gilroy, CA we noticed the wonderful smell of Garlic.

Gilroy California is the “Garlic Capital of the World”.

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One of the many things I’ve learned while RVing is to choose a campsite in the day. But what happens when we get to a new location after it’s dark? Read More