Shore Looks Nice


Zion National Park is one of the best National Parks the United States has to offer. It has some of the most magnificent views I’ve ever seen, has wildlife everywhere, and you can get an incredible experience without ever having to leave the main road! 

Many RVers find themselves in scenic locations, after the trip when they go to show their friends and family the amazing places they visited they’re stuck trying to explain how it looked so much better in person. Have you had this happen to you, are you new to photography or would like to increase your skills? If so these tips are for you.

If you’re in an RV and want the best views of The Golden Gate Bridge without going into the city this is the drive for you. Start at The Sutro baths. They are a historical part of San Francisco. They were built in 1896 and was the largest swimming pool in the world. Below is a pic of it in the 1800’s. The parking lot is also RV accessible.