Living it up in Laguna Beach

We have a special place in our hearts for Laguna Beach. It’s one of the most beautiful towns to visit in the country and also happens to be where we got married. So while we were staying nearby at the Thousand Trails RV Resort in Menifee, CA we made a day trip to re-live some memories and create some new ones.

We started our day leaving the RV at 5am and although it wasn’t very far from where we were staying there is a mountain range in between Menifee and Laguna so it was around an hour drive. I met up with some friends in Newport Beach to go Surfing at a world famous surf spot around sunrise. Surfing Magazine was attending a surfing competition just up the beach from us. The waves were hitting and it was a great surf session!DSC_0202DSC_0341

After spending the morning with friends we headed just 11 miles south on the PCH passing Corona Del Mar, Crystal Cove, to Laguna Beach. I highly recommend everyone drives the PCH in Southern California at least once in their life and TAKE YOUR TIME. There is a reason 19 million people live in this area and the beautiful beaches is a big draw for many. We were in a little bit of a time crunch because we were taking the PCH down to San Diego to visit friends that evening so because we couldn’t take the time to take many pictures here are a few pics of Corona Del Mar and Crystal Cove to give you an idea of what it’s like.

Corona Del Mar

Corona Del Mar (19) Corona Del Mar (53)

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove (11)

What many people don’t know about Laguna Beach is that rather than one beach, it’s 19 miles of different beaches and coves. I know the area well, in the 8 years I lived in Southern California I have gone to every beach and cove in Laguna Beach. As soon as we arrived in Laguna we stopped in at Heisler Park which is on the North end of Laguna Beach. This is also the place where Danielle had her Bridal Shower from the exact spot where I took this picture, not a bad view.


There are just SO MANY things to do in Laguna. Choose what you want to do and then go to the area of Laguna that entertains that choice. The people below are walking out to check out the Tide Pools. When the tide is low, sea creatures of all kinds are trapped in these small “pools” for your up close enjoyment until the high tide comes back in and they can head back out into the ocean. DSC_0784 - Copy

I headed down to the water to visit the tide pools. So what does it looks like inside of a tide pool?

Laguna (27)

What a great place to set up a tent and camp out on the beach for the day!DSC_0828

This is Main Beach. It gets crazy packed full of people and full of fun in the summer. DSC_0891

We were married right off the PCH at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. Across the street is one Mozambique, which is one of our favorite restaurants. They have incredible food, fair prices (excellent happy hour specials), they are dog friendly, but the best part is the views! This picture was taken while on their newly renovated upper level which offers a typical “Orange County” atmosphere.

DSC_0976 - Copy

The rest of the pictures I took while at my seat at supper. We watched boats and cruise ships out on the Pacific Ocean. It really doesn’t get much better than this.


In Laguna the sun sets behind nearby Catalina Island which is the only inhabited island of the Channel Islands.


There are a number of RV Parks near here. Put this on your agenda and GET OUT AND CAMP!


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