Being a Tourist in San Francisco

San Francisco is such an iconic American City. Coming into the city from the south our first stop was Fort Funston National Park. It blew us away how windy it was (get it?) There were quite a few hang gliders taking advantage of the powerful wind hitting the coast. They have a lot of paths to the ocean as well as horse paths.

San Fran Hang Glider

From here we went to visit Golden Gate Park. We were very surprised at all the people running around. We’re use to Southern California with perfect San Fran (14)
weather, it’s cold up here but the locals didn’t seem to mind! We cut through and headed 2 miles away to the twin peaks to overlook the city. I was blown away by the view and the wind!

We cut back through the north side of Golden Gate Park to the Land’s End Park. This has a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Land End Park

We continued north to Fort Point which has one of my favorite views in all of San Francisco.

Fort Point View

San Fran (10)San Fran (19)

After overlooking the Golden Gate it San Fran (20)was time to drive over the bridge. The vista point on the north side of the bridge is one of the most visited spots in San Fran.

San Fran Vista Point





On the way to Fisherman’s Wharf we took a stop to look across the Bay at Alcatraz.


Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf are super touristy spots but very entertaining. Live music, restaurants, and lots of great views.

Pier 39 tourist

We ate at a dog friendly San Fran (6) restaurant called “Wipeout”. It’s a surf themed place to eat. We were a little caught off guard that the bathrooms wipeout pier 39are unisex so you are all going in together haha.
They liked The Traveling Pomeranian so much that they gave us free gear for her before we left. The restaurant had an outdoor area with a fire pit to keep you warm with the cold breeze of SF.

It’s a quarter mile walk from pier 39 San Fran (28)to Fisherman’s Wharf. They have a lot of live music, shops, and liver performers on the street. You can buy a lot of fresh crab, fish, and other seafood caught daily. After taking our time in this area Danielle wanted to stop at the “Full House” house. This seemed just as popular as the other tourist spots we visited. Car after car stopped in front of the house to take pictures.

Hannan's at Full House The Full House house is in the backround of this double selfie… After this we went to a park at the Painted Ladies. It had a great view for sunset overlooking the city. There was a lot of unique activity going on here from a man randomly Hula Hooping to someone walking around on stilts. All in all it was an incredible visit.

Painted Ladies San Fran Stilts

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