Nasty Start to an Epic Trip Cross Country

I LOVE road trips across the country. We parked the RV at a storage unit in Morgan Hill, CA and took off in the Mazda for my home town of Princeton, MN.

The first month of being full time RVers were full of great adventure and learning. I had probably the biggest learning experience when we were leaving to park the RV in storage. The RV park we were at didn’t have sewer at the camp site so we had to dump out tank. Normally the end of the hose that the sewage goes into fits securely with the hookup. This one didn’t fit, I had dumped a week ago and noticed there was a brick next to it that I put on top to secure my hose but I didn’t see the brick this time. I figured I was fine…..I went to dump my black tank (this is the toilet water) before I dumped the gray tank (shower and sink water) and the pressure of the RV Black Tank Spillcontents in the tank sent the hose up in the air spraying toilet filth all over just like in a cartoon! It was so nasty all I could do is laugh it off. Luckily they had a hose to hose it all into the dump. (yes it got on my leg, I know you’re wondering). Tip to RVers: make sure you have a secure hose connection before you dump!

Once I was able to clean up my mess and myself we went to drop off the RV. The guy working at the RV Storage was quite the character.

rv ca capital

Our first stop was Sacramento. I’ve always wanted to visit the Capital of California. The downtown area was a lot smaller than I expected.

love's truck stop

Our first night I drove until around 2 am and stopped at Love’s truck stop to sleep in the car. Danielle was in the passenger seat and I jumped in the back seat. I woke up at around 5 am and we took off.


Yellowstone truly is one of the Nation’s Best National Parks. The amount of diverse scenery you can see here is shocking. We spent a day in Yellowstone (not enough time) and got teased with it’s awesomeness.








Danielle HannanAs an adventure photographer I’ve always wanted to get shots of Big Horned Sheep. I’ve searched for them in the past in other locations with no luck. I was unbelievably stoked to see and shoot these sheep. There were around 10 of them bouncing around on the cliffs up above. Another first for me was photographing photo (72)Bison. Danielle really loved the Geysers.
We left Yellowstone around sunset and at the Subway
where we ate they had this random door to nowhere halfway up the wall in the bathroom….Creepy.

We drove until around 2 am and pulled into a rest area to crash for a few hours. It’s easy to sleep in a small crammed car when you are really tired. Rest areas have a great reputation for allowing people to sleep overnight or pull in to sleep for a few hours. There were a few RV’s and quite a few cars. We woke up around 5 am and started driving. Today was the day we would get to MN. Just after sunrise we stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I didn’t know North Dakota had scenic areas, this place is awesome.



As always The Traveling Pomeranian was a great co-pilot.

photo (76)

photo (58)

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  1. Awesome photography Eric ! Am looking forward to doing this kind of trip one day. Its amazing how much there is to see in our world. Safe travels !

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