A FREE Fair in Northern Minnesota

What comes to mind when you think of the fair? Cheese curds, rides, cotton candy, fried everything, oh and don’t forget it’s expensive!

The Brainerd, Minnesota fair is FREE! Of course you can rack up money on the usual fun stuff like skee-ball and rides (Danielle is the skee-ball champ) if you’d like, but you can have a full, fun filled day for little to no money.


It’s no secret that Northern Minnesota is one of the most beautiful places in America. So the local fair is pretty darn good to pull people off of the lakes on a nice summer day.

They have a TON of animals, which was refreshing to see coming from Orange County.


My brother Adam was working at a booth at the fair for the radio station The Pulse. Adam and I like to wrestle around whenever we get together. DSC_0272

There is a huge amount of activities for kids. They can milk cows, collect eggs, and a lot of other learning activities.



The national guard had a free basketball competition!


My dad was watching Stewart Mills (Mills Fleet Farm) who is running for Congress do pull ups. DSC_0067

Christina (Adam’s Wife) made the best Deep Fried Corn Dogs I’ve ever had!

DSC_0058DSC_0184DSC_0194 DSC_0031

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