Driving California’s Rugged Coast

The PCH is such an iconic American Highway for good reason. We had the great experience of driving up the PCH from San Francisco to Point Reyes Seashore. This road reminded me of the Big Sur area.


There are plenty of scenic areas to stop at. 1496696_1505992086320929_7348150494846458451_n 10352354_1505992126320925_3178484128033965837_n

There are a lot of spots to spot and have a picnic. It saves time and money to bring food with when you travel in the car. Plus, the views are fantastic. 10502390_1505992152987589_8648015228132900089_n 10686788_1505991736320964_1249645189223559142_n10297569_1505992089654262_2950654802230443651_n

How cool is this house on the cliff. I bet you didn’t even know it in the zoomed out picture above?10733997_1505991806320957_2691555426830916687_n

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  1. I heard that part of the PCH was closed due to slides.. how awful..sure will mess up the highway. First time I went all the way down it, I was soo sick. Made me so nauseous all those curves. I sure loved the ocean views though, nothing like them, great memories.

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