How to Thrive in a Relationship Living in an RV

My wife and I packed in the corporate lifestyle and hit the road seeking adventure full time in our RV. We get asked by friends “How do you get along with your spouse when you’re so close to each other 24/7?” Yes, living in such tight quarters outside of your regular routines and social circles creates obvious challenges but the RV lifestyle has helped make our marriage stronger and with greater satisfaction and intimacy. Here are some of the things we do to overcome those challenges.

Remember you are on the same team


Being on the same team is a mindset that no matter what you are working towards a common goal, in this case it’s each others’ happiness. When you feel like your significant other gets on your nerves, when you have a short fuse, remember that you are working towards a lifestyle that can give you incredible opportunities but that will only happen if you can grow together. When things get heated, when you get in a fight, remember you are working together towards joint happiness.

Do things together

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Make a habit of doing things together, don’t just sit around. My wife and I try to go for a daily bike ride or a walk around the campground. It’s a simple way to have fun together. We look at all the cool setups, the mega rv’s, the scenery. But ultimately the activity doesn’t matter. It’s about laughing, talking and sharing time together. We also spend one meal a day together with the cell phones and laptops put away.

Do things apart

santa cruz surfing2I think it’s equally as valuable to do things separate. Danielle doesn’t surf, she also doesn’t like some of the extreme hiking or climbing that I do but I couldn’t imagine not creating time for these passions. She loves to shop and although I often go with her to keep her entertained sometimes she needs to get away and spend a day at the outlets by herself.

Split the responsibilities

When we pull into a new campsite we each have our own tasks to settle in. For example, I do the hook ups and fundamental activities that get things functional. Danielle lays out the mats, chairs, and focuses on the cosmetic tasks. Additionally in our day to day activities we have our won roles as well. They will differ per couple but divvy up the tasks and own them.

When it gets heated, get some cool air

At some point things will get heated, fuses will be short, hormones and moods will cause hot tempers. Be conscious of this within yourself and within your partner. If you have a short fuse, get a workout outdoors or go do something active. If your partner has a short fuse, take a break and do something active to keep your mind off it and get some air. Going for a quick walk can clear your head, give you perspective or just cool you off.

Meet each other’s needs

Pics (6)Fundamentally in any relationship if you meet the top 3 needs of your partner happiness will usually follow. There is a great article I recently read on this that I recommend. To read it click here.

Go on Dates

You have to keep it fun and the passion alive. Make sure you set minimum dates per week and go in with a great attitude. This can be easy if you travel to new areas. Take turns choosing the activities and try new things.

Plan and compromise

DSC_0329 - CopyIdeally I’d like to be in the middle of nowhere boondocking with a scenic view. Ideally for my wife we’d be at a resort with a pool, social activities, etc. We’ve compromised by staying mostly at Thousand Trails Resorts where we are located near scenic getaway areas that I enjoy but still have all the amenities that keep my wife happy. In addition, when we move locations we spend a day or two in between locations boondocking somewhere scenic.

Take Care of your Health

Feeling great comes from both your mind photo 2 (29)and your body. You’ve got to be intentional about them both. The health benefits of working out and eating healthy are endless. Not drinking enough water is one of the leading causes of moodiness. Get out near your RV park and go hiking/walking. Taking care of your health together becomes a common goal in your lives and brings you closer.



Experts say that the number one factor in a person’s quality of life is the quality of their relationship with their significant other. Experts also say the number factor in relationship happiness is the quality of your communication. It’s a simple equation. Quality communication = Quality relationships = Your happiness!

I hope these tips give you some ideas of things you can incorporate into your own relationship. Feel free to share any tips or habits that has helped you in your own journey and keep traveling!


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  1. Excellent article and one I totally agree with!! We divide up our responsibilities just the way you do…and we spend time together AND apart. That is so important. Even though we are not full timers, the rules still apply! Thank you for sharing!

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