Southern California’s Largest Reservoir

Typically when we get to a new location I spend a good amount of time doing research on the fun things to do near that RV Resort. I also look at google maps to check out nearby hiking, lakes, rivers, etc. When we were at the Wilderness Lakes RV Resort in Menifee California I didn’t do my research because I thought I knew the area already since we lived for 8 years or so in nearby Newport Beach. After being at the Resort for a week I was shocked when someone told me that Diamond Valley Lake was nestled in the mountains just across the street!

I’m very familiar with Diamond Valley Lake because we use to camp all the time at nearby Lake Perris with our friends. One of our favorite things to do was rent a boat and cruise around the lake.

IMG_3449 copyIMG_3398

Water began pouring into Diamond Valley Lake in 1999 and was filled by 2002. It’s world famous for its Black Bass fishing. It also is vital to the Southern California’s drinking supply. Being the largest Reservoir in Southern California, it holds 260 billion gallons and provides water to 18 million people.

One evening for sunset we headed over to finally check it out. When you first get to the lake you see the general store where you can rent boats by the hour or day.

There are a lot of great hiking trails surrounding this lake. At the Marina you can stop by and have a picnic on one of the scenic spots. If you are staying at Wilderness Lakes this is a must stop.

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