Why We Chose a Class C

When you are a Full Time RVer you really get to know what works for you and what doesn’t in the RV you selected. This knowledge helps you move forward to adapting to something that fits your needs more accurately.

When we bought our Class C we originally planned on having it for an extended vacation before we relocated from the beautiful Beach in Southern California to move closer to family out east.

Here are the main reasons why we chose the 27 ft Sunseeker and how it has turned out for us.

I think the Sunseeker Successfully Found the Sun_tonemapped

Price for the Value

We wanted to be able to have most of the conveniences that we were use to in a home but didn’t want to pay the price of a house. Danielle also wanted something that looked nice so it felt like a home. The Class C was moderately priced yet gave us all the normal conveniences we wanted. We also felt like it looked very modern and nice inside.


I wanted something small enough to be able to fit into campsites and roads that we wouldn’t be able to with a large RV. We have been able to fit into some spots that have provided us with very scenic and secluded sites.

RVs are great for camping in the snow. Plus you don't have to worry about dealing with crowds.


We wanted something powerful enough to charge up the mountains while pulling our Mazda 3i. The F-450 turned out to be a beast and we had no issues in the Sierras.

Big Sur is an RVers Dream

Low Maintenance 

Being brand new RVers we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We also wanted to make sure we didn’t have to spend our time doing maintenance while on the road. In the 11 months that we had the Sunseeker and traveling from coast to coast we didn’t have to do ANY maintenance.

Storage Space

We have A LOT of stuff. We had no idea what we would need to live in an RV so we packed a little heavy (we had an entire storage compartment filled with Christmas Decorations… The Sunseeker exceeded our storage space needs.

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