Big Fish turned Big Blizzard

RVing is adventure, pure and simple. Throw some fishing into the mix and you’re headed for a really good time. We headed from Arizona to Northern Texas to visit Lake Texoma. The goal of our trip was to catch a big Striped Bass. Although we may not have caught “The Big One” we were able to catch a “Big Texas Blizzard”. 

Lake Texoma is one of only seven lakes in the US that Striped Bass reproduce naturally. It also grows some monsters. This draws a lot of people to try to catch these sought after fish. There is also a Thousand Trails Resort and since we are members, we stay for FREE so it was a no brainer for us to stay here.

When we get to a new campground we enjoy driving around and checking it out. After driving around and around for “The Perfect Spot” we picked one that we felt was pretty good. The next day the neighbor who had “The Perfect Spot” left, so we packed up and moved about 20 ft to where they were parked. It was right on the water!

photo 3 (13)

Not a bad view out of our RV Bedroom Window.

photo 1 (11)_tonemapped

We were so excited, the weather was around 80 degrees and I was itching to catch the big one. We headed down to the lake to go hiking, exploring and fishing! It was breathtaking.

photo 4 (18)_tonemappedphoto 2TX (211)

There were a lot of hiking trails here. TX (14)_tonemappedTX (71)_tonemappedPuppies in RV Parks are a great way to start the day

We found a great Restaurant on the water just down the street from the RV Resort. I thought this was so cool. I took this picture when it was warm, a few days later I went back and took the same picture in a snow storm.


It was insane, I never thought I would be in snow in Texas. Our water hose coming into the RV froze when it got down to the low 20’s one night. Being from Minnesota but living the past 8 years in Southern California I really enjoyed the snow and the cold. I played around in it and so did Zoey.

RVs are great for camping in the snow. Plus you don't have to worry about dealing with crowds.DSC_0144DSC_0191

Having a flexible schedule by working remotely allowed Danielle to work from the bed with her 2 companions on the cold snow day.

Do you travel with your pets

There was an island you could walk across a bridge to get to it where they had a picnic area and a fire pit. We enjoyed walking out and looking over the water at the RV while walking the dogs.

Waterfront Real Estate_tonemapped_edited-12DSC_0181

Our neighbors were so sweet, they brought us hot soup! SO GOOD! We became friends with them and met James and Patti in Florida multiple times. RVers are the nicest people on the planet!

photo 3 (25)

We spent a day with Captain Ron of NNL Charters on the lake. If you’re looking to relax and enjoy yourself, Captain Ron has you covered.

photo 2 (15) RV Activity, do you go boating while traveling

What’s the best thing to do when it snows? Head to the Hot Tub of course! Someone put little sticks in front of the “No Nude Sunbathing” haha.

photo 1 (8)Hot Tub TX

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